The Tonal Persuasion Method (TPM) has gained significant traction recently due to the helpful presence of two human attention attractors, mystery and intrigue – the Desiring Brain’s key to captivation and fascination.

But just what is it that makes the Tonal Persuasion Method so powerful, and why does it all seem to just make so much sense?

It is through this question we help you understand the power of the Tonal Persuasion Method with three things you may not have known yet:

It works because of proven patterns in human evolution

I wasn’t planning on going so philosophically and scientifically deep this early in the blog, but sometimes life throws these curve balls at us…

The majority of human behaviour, whether it be dating, making a buying decision, the choice of the clothes we wear or even how we brush our teeth can all be traced back to predictable behaviour patterns based on human evolution as described by the great man Charles Darwin.

Although our technology may have increased in quality and quantity exponentially, our brains have remained somewhat hardwired to achieve the evolutionary biases we have come to know and love for literally millions of years now.

In the same way that we are still somewhat primal creatures walking around in tracksuit pants and Giorgio Armani scent, the words we use are very much tonal patterns, just dressed up in fancy syntax.

Research shows the words are not what makes the difference, the tonality with which we use them is at least five times more powerful than anything we could every actually say.

The TPM grants power to its followers because there are patterns to communication that no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to ignore.

There are certain triggers to the emotional and logical swing of a sales conversation that once in play – if used ethically and ecologically – will have a significant impact, all we have to know is when to use them to help our prospect make a great buying decision.

We are using the TPM Selling Archetypes when we sell whether we like it or not

The Tonal Persuasion Method covers six selling tonal pattern archetypes that when used significantly increase our buyer’s experience of either logic or emotion as required (they are both require, for those of you playing at home) in order to close a sale:

  • The Action Taker
  • The Jester
  • The Fair Player
  • The Calculator
  • The Keeper of Gold
  • The Celebrant

Quite often when we have successfully made a sale – particularly when the sale has largely been made via conversation and minimal marketing outside the relationship – we will have unconsciously used a variety of these tonalities in order to help our buyer make a great decision.

The reason we will have been using these tonalities whether we are aware of it or not is because when aiming to sell, we will naturally and unconsciously aim model the great salespeople we can remember from past times we have had a great buying or selling experience.

No prizes for guessing the tonality with which these successful salespeople either naturally or creatively utilised!

By modelling salespeople of times gone past, we will have tapped into these tonalities without even knowing we were doing it.

This is because the TPM has been created based on research into how the best salespeople, leaders and trainers inspire a message to their audience to create a mindset of decision making and action taking.

The Tonal Persuasion Method makes it clear what these highly powerful tonalities are, and helps us to realise the exact moment in a sales conversation at which to use them – taking the guess work out once and for all.

The method also covers 4 Non-Selling Archetypes

As it turns out, there is a fine line between successfully utilising the tonal archetypes that will bring us closer to a finalised sale and essentially ‘over-doing it’ to the point where it not only becomes detrimental to the relationship, but kills the opportunity of a sale all together.

Enter the archetypes we wish didn’t exist. And this time there is a problem – we may be using these ones to turn away potential sales without even realising it! Thankfully, awareness of their presence allows us to consciously remove them from our sales game – and the results are pleasing to say the least.

Meet your four newest worst enemies:

  • The Jock
  • The Desperate Pleader
  • The Push Over
  • The Detective

As humans we all receive, interpret and take action on the same content in different ways.

In the same direction, increased sales results using the power of the TPM are achieved through a combination of harnessing the power of the six Selling Archetypes as well as deleting the negative impact of the four Non-selling Archetypes.

Darcy J Smyth is the creator and lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to help you close sales without having to revert back to the Hard Sell that turns so many away in the modern business landscape – and become a persuasion master instead.



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