A New TPM ‘Advanced Sales Persuasion’ Live Event Has Officially Been Announced!

As business owners, life requires us to wear so many hats all within the same day; service delivery, sales, marketing, admin, finance, content creator, HR, the list goes on… and the list can be tough to handle.

Business success is hard enough as it is, let alone throwing the demands of everyday life thrown on top of it.

But one thing is for sure, when we know how to make sales and the results are presenting themselves, wearing those hats becomes a whole lot easier, with the motivation to do so tending to take care of itself as the sales roll in.

There’s no doubt about it: sales truly are the lifeblood of any successful business and a lack of education in how to bring them in means imminent business failure.

That’s why – for over two years now – official live Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales (TPM) events have been launched and run to small business owners and sales professionals all over Australia, helping them to overcome their most pressing sales challenges and subsequently sending their sales numbers through the roof.

With existing TPM members not only welcome but highly encouraged to get back in the event room and top up their sales skills whenever they feel the need, the TPM community has continued to enjoy ongoing and consistent support in their journey towards consultative sales mastery.

Now, another level of support and growth in sales ability (and results…) awaits the TPM community as the announcement of an Advanced Sales Persuasion live event has become official!

The announcement was made in public at the most recent TPM ‘Code of Selling’ Masterclass in Brisbane, Australia and numbers have started to fill the capped room already.

They learned that the new Advanced Sales Persuasion live event would take the TPM”s cornerstone ‘problem-solving’ approach to sales to a whole new level and have the attendees walk away with a particular, jaw-dropping sales skill: The ability not only to discover and diagnose the problems their buyers need to have solved on the surface level of life (for example, increasing their business revenue from $10K to $100K per month, or from being single to being in a loving, long-term relationship) but to also take it one step further and uncover the problems their buyers need to have solved underneath the surface level on a deep psychological plane (for example, altering their buyer’s thinking from only seeing challenges to abundantly seeing opportunities all in the space of just one question, or show their buyer that the belief ‘they have everything they need’ is the exact reason why they need to buy more). This is all done, of course, in a highly congruent manner that has the buyer convincing themselves to the business owner as opposed to the other way around, such is the tradition in the TPM training room – a quality that has allowed it to receive reviews and results that speak for themselves.

The Advanced Sales Persuasion training itself will cover eight modules over two days:

The Triangle of Conviction    
How to have your buyers make decisions that are congruent with them, that align perfectly with what your business offers. Seemlessly align the conversation in their head with what your business sells.

Triangle of Increasing Returns          
How to have your buyers know they are receiving infinitely more value than what they are paying you.

What’s in it for me?
How to language your services in a way that has the phone calling you instead of the other way around.

External Evidence of Internal Change           
Uncover and predict the immeasurable reasons our buyers actually buy anything. Apply to one’s own training and development in business to turn ‘intellectual education’ into practical, applicable change leading to greater results.

Assumptions of Reality
How to destroy all chance of saying ‘the wrong thing’ to a potential buyer

Tonal Anchoring         
Have complete control over the direction of any sales conversation you are currently in – bring the conversation back to any topic you please.

Implicit/Explicit Selling 
Seed the idea of buying your service in the mind of your buyers without directly asking for any sale.

The Ego Balancing Act           
Create and drive neediness in your buyer by adhering to the pulls of the human ego, without expressing ego yourself.

It’s problem-solving on steroids.

It’s sales in a way the market has never seen before.

And it must be used with responsibility, such is life when given the power to truly persuade in the sales space.

With this announcement, the TPM community will have the opportunity to join the upcoming November and February training at a special rate as a way of saying a significant thank you to them for their ongoing commitment to massive sales growth, and their commitment to the success of those around them at large.

Stay tuned for announcements to come…

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that runs so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.

Photo credit: Jo Westaway Photography

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