If you’ve been in sales for yourself or anyone else, you’ll know the pattern. Simply raise your hand when it starts to sound familiar: 

You’re feeling on top of the world as the results are flying in. Sales are coming quickly and easily and you’re hitting your monthly targets by day 20 – time to take a moment to be damn proud and congratulate yourself on the foundations you have so evidently built for yourself that you now consider yourself unable to fall below.

Going into sales for yourself and your business was the best idea in the world, especially now that you’re on cruise control!

The foot comes off the gas, just 2-3%, that’s all…

You can afford it right? Things seem to be just taking care of themselves now, aren’t they?

Time to bask in your own well-deserved glory just for a second.  

Then comes the crash.

The phone stops ringing. Somehow in almost unbelievable fashion, two home-run, slam-dunk sales email to tell you they need to put things on hold for just a month.

You check your sales funnel and hot prospects list, surely things are all still good – you just need to get in contact with a few of these soon-to-be happy buyers and we’re back to having the celebratory wine with dinner every night.

But something seems strange about that list – its somehow a lot shorter than you remember it being. In fact, the closer you look the more you realise it’s practically non-existent.

Panic and desperation sets in as you wonder how on earth you were sitting so pretty just a week ago, only to be scrounging for leads and running your career Plan B through your anxious mind a little later.

How did it get to this? What did you do to deserve this rollercoaster you don’t even remember paying admission to ride? Things changed pretty quickly, didn’t they?

Well since you asked, there was actually a switch you most likely flicked without even realising it.

On your way up the fountain of results you were making it all about others. In order to get such great results, your focus must have been about solving their problems. It must have been about helping them and their goals.

And your results showed it – if there’s any way to boost your sales results it’s to make it about other people.

Then something in your brain decided you’d done enough, so you flicked the switch and made it all about yourself – just for a moment.

For just a moment you convinced yourself that you’d made it about other people just enough to sit back and ride the wave of success you’d created for yourself.

But that moment can be addictive.

And that moment of addiction can turn into weeks of consequences.

That ‘wave of success’ can dump you into the sharp rocks of selfishness at the drop of a hat and those waves won’t stop crashing just because you asked.

It is at this moment that you need to take a step back from the mindset you’re currently operating with and assess things objectively. You need to take a moment to reset.

Notice and admit to yourself that your focus in recent times has only been one person: yourself.

We’ve all been there, it’s very normal and highly common among a mass majority of business owners and professional salespeople the world around.

It is now that you must let your ego down and go back to doing what you know works.

Get back in the trenches and do the little things that make the biggest difference. 

Go the extra mile for your potential buyers when it would be so much easier not to.

Do yourself and your buyers a favour and flick the switch that turns you from making it all about yourself, to making it all about others again. 

Then that celebratory wine will be yours again in no time.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead Trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to show you exactly how to make it all about your buyer in the most congruent and effective way possible.


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