There is one reason over and above any other that causes a living, breathing human being to make a buying decision. In fact, it’s a reason that essentially provides evidence for why a living, breathing human being makes any decision.

Every thought, decision and subsequent action passes through this foundational filter that has existed within humans since they first started having conscious control over their own behaviour.

That reason is that we as humans only ever think, have or do anything in an attempt to turn ‘uncertainty’ into ‘certainty’, or at least the perception of it in an otherwise uncertain world.

The more certainty we have, the more we can adhere to and satisfy our need for survival – the most evolutionary and fundamental requirement of any species on the earth and the most basic filter through which we make any decision, including our buying ones.

But why does this matter in the context of how we language our service?

How can use this information to increase the selling our own service, in a way that adheres to the most basic of human psychological drivers?

The key is understanding why our buyers have come to us in the first place – and more specifically, what form of certainty are they aiming to achieve through buying from us?

Does our service help people to solidify the certainty they are already experiencing, or move towards a higher level of certainty that they don’t feel they have right now?

Does our service help people to protect that which they already have, or does it help to achieve or obtain that which is currently out of their grasp?

Does our service help to keep an area of our buyer’s life the same, or to invite change in area of their life?

This may be something you’d always known on an elementary level, but to be able to understand and objectively language the difference between the two – and where your business fits within that context – is highly powerful knowledge to take into the sales arena.

Where so many business owners can go wrong (often without even realising it!) is assuming their clients are aiming to buy one form of certainty – either towards change or towards staying the same – when in fact they are buying for the other.

The result is a miscommunication and subsequent disconnection on what is most important to the buyer, with the sales professional or business owner simply presupposing that they are buying for a particular reason. The solution? Well, it’s one that really isn’t too complicated at all.

It’s simply clarification.

Clarify from the start the reason why they’re enquiring about your service and you’ll very quickly pick up on the type of certainty they are ultimately aiming to achieve. Never assume anything in the game of sales, clarification is your best friend when delving deeper into the form of certainty your buyer is aiming to achieve.

Ask the extra question to ensure you’ve got the handle you need on the drivers behind their decision, because the reason behind why they’re buying – the certainty they’re truly ­looking for – is far more powerful information than any assumption we as the sales professional could ever make.

They’re buying for certainty, so by clarifying the type of certainty they are aiming to achieve, we then give ourselves the opportunity to exemplify that exact certainty they desire. 

And if that doesn’t increase sales numbers, then nothing will.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales in your business without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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