The modern brain is an interesting organ, not just due to the fact that there’s so much still to learn about its complex nature and overall configuration, but because it is one of the most evident organs to be placed in a current time that is so radically different from the time in which it was originally designed to be useful.

You see, the brain you currently possess was never meant to be designed to work in the modern technological, innovative and rapid world that we currently roam around in.

It was originally and initially designed to help us navigate and survive the harsh environments of the Savannah, not to ensure we can tap into the infinite powers of an iPad or survive the pitching of our start-up idea to millionaire investors.

So when it comes to finding our way in the modern world, its fair to say that our brain hasn’t really caught up to what it means to live in such an environment. It hasn’t yet grasped the fact that we don’t need to be fearful anymore of being attacked by a hunting predator or that we no longer need to physically go out and hunt for our food.

Times have changed, but the structures that make up the brain – and the function that goes with them – haven’t.

Interestingly, an area that this dissonance between where the brain currently is and where it expects itself to be, plays out in the area of sales more than the majority of fields – largely due to its involvement in decision making.

In sales, it is our primary objective to have our potential buyer make a decision – preferably one that involves purchasing our respective product or service. This is something that is in fact made far more difficult by the evolutionary biases of the brain that render decision making a rather difficult task.

The brain fears making an unfamiliar decision because it perceives danger in the unknown – again a function that was designed to help us survive millennia ago, in harsh conditions that we no longer need to handle in the modern world. Therefore, it makes sense to understand that our greatest enemy in sales is a lack of decision due to irrational fear.

That is to say, we may be lead to think that our greatest enemy in sales is our competitor who offers a similar service to us – when in reality our greatest enemy is that our buyer doesn’t make any decision at all.

And what’s worse is that this indecision isn’t even based on our service, or us as a person, it’s based on the fact that there are structures in the brain still operating when they’ve got very little need to be in a modern world that has surpassed their function.

Sure, we can sit back and think about how interesting such a concept is, but that’s not going to make us any sales. So how do we overcome this?

Of course, there are a range of techniques and strategies we can implement (Click HERE for more information on how to use the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales for this) but it starts with the realisation of what it is we are truly aiming to overcome as sales professionals.

It’s an appreciation of the fact that our greatest competitor is the irrational fear of the modern human being in the business world, coupled with the respect for the fact that people need to be made comfortable first before they can trust the environment (and the salespeople within it) they are operating in.

When given the opportunity to experience fear, we can be sure that the mind will experience it. So the second we believe that a sale will be sold by pushing our buyer into an uncomfortable position or decision, we’ve already lost the evolutionary race.

The minute we believe making the sale is about us, we’ve already given the buyer a reason to be fearful. The moment we see any sales conversation as a win-loss situation, we’ve already given our buyer’s mind a reason to run away.

Understand: the answer sits in ensuring that our focus remains on adding massive value to the buyer we are working with. They must know that we are there to solve problems for them as opposed to create new ones.

They must know we understand that we only grow as a sales professional when we help them grow as a person first, and they must experience an environment of complete respect for their needs, challenges and desires.

Take care of their fear by ensuring they feel taken care of as a human being, and the rest will take care of itself.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer and creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without having to revert back to the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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