You’ve just got to see the guy to believe it.

He’s a rollercoaster for the emotions, as the crowd that either wants him or wants to be him looks on adoringly.

A real feast for the senses in a way that only the man himself can invoke.

So much so that this acceptingly arrogant, intensely intelligent and playfully persuasive musical genius helped me to realise what it is that makes the most powerful speakers, salespeople and business leaders so impossible to take our eyes off.

The man?

Father John Misty.

If you’ve not heard of him then fear not, his identity isn’t actually the core message of this blog (plus you’ll know doubt be hearing more of his name shortly.)

The undeniably attractive quality?


A few friends and myself were lucky enough to find tickets to Misty’s most recent show in Melbourne, Australia – and it truly was an experience to behold.

Never has a man just a mere 8 meters away been so entertaining and untouchable before.

This gig was going to be one for the ages, and that was clear from the first note that was struck.

Whilst rapt in the moment of the show I regained the conscience of mind to assess my surroundings, to plant myself back in some form of reality, albeit for a maximum of 10 seconds.

I took the chance to take a look around at my fellow Father John Misty fans at The Forum Theatre as we marveled at the performance artistry that would have us talking about him for weeks (and blogs) to come.

They (and I) had a look in their eyes symbolising nothing short of awe.

‘The Father’ himself delivers so much certainty that all you can do is give yourself over to the show and trust that your self-esteem will remain intact by the closure.

But then I thought further…

What is it about certainty that has a room full of strangers practically eating out Father John Misty’s hand so willingly?

Perhaps it is because it is in certainty we find safety and comfort.

Isn’t that what we’re all actually looking for at the end of the day?

From both a survival and a social point of view, we love to look up to those that are going to take care of us.

And as long as that is the human quality being leveraged, then the deity leveraging it can practically say anything to his or her followers and be heralded as king for it.

With a wealth of knowledge and a highly evident level of intelligence to back him, there were a number of times the great man (FJM) blatantly mocked and provoked his loyal followers in the crowd.

But was it met with contempt or abuse?

Not once. In fact, they simply cheered for more (myself included).

However, if the crowd had picked up on a modicum of uncertainty or desperation the entire situation would have flipped, and the mockery would then have been held in an entirely different context – shaky and wavering.

So what does that say about those in the sales and business world that we follow with such intense passion and attention?

It’s simple – they are followed because they back themselves.

They display an ability to be congruent within themselves about what them and their product stand for.

They provide certainty.

So we buy from them.

We buy the products of Branson in the way we buy the character traits of Father John Misty.

We buy the innovation of Elon Musk in the same way we are held in awe by The Rolling Stones.

We obsess over the next move of Apple the same way we invest in the story of The Beatles.

Because at the end of the day, the greatest innovators, entrepreneurs and business minds are more than just the revenue their companies generate.

They are entertainers.

They are stories to follow.

They are performing on a stage of their own.

And they are doing it with certainty.


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