As business owners, we like to consider ourselves as specialists, experts, or at the very least knowledgeable in our field of choice.

And admittedly (no hiding now…), we pride ourselves on any level of intelligence we have in that arena. Who could blame us? It feels great to feel smart, doesn’t it?

From the youngest of ages we are also encouraged to ‘be smart’. We quickly learn in life that an A+ is more impressive than a C- and go about achieving grades and ticking boxes accordingly.

But if closing an even higher rate of sales is your aim in 2018, then an uncomfortable discussion may need to be had here:

Because when it comes to ‘being smart’ in the modern education system, we are taught how to get good grades so we can get into university and get a good job.

We aren’t however taught how to ‘sell’. It’s simply not the purpose of modern education, despite selling being the number 1 driver of the economic system we enter. Go figure.

So if growing your business is critical for you in 2018, please understand: As much as we may think that ‘sounding smart’ is what our buyer will be impressed by, the reality is if we tend to this aim we can often leave them feeling confused, overwhelmed and uncertain.

We can prioritise being seen as smart over solving problems for our buyer and we can prioritise our own need to feel worthy over showing our buyer it’s their thinking that actually matters most.

Remember: our buyers want to feel at home when making a buying decision with us. They don’t necessarily appreciate industry jargon, complicated terms or intricate details that require a dictionary to understand.

Rather, they actually much prefer examples, stories and metaphors. They are the quickest shortcut to linking information between what they already know and what you – as the educator – want them to understand with ease.

If we can’t explain something simply, then we really can’t explain it at all. True intelligence, therefore, actually lies not in our ability to beat complication with greater complication, but to be able to take the complicated and make it easy to understand for anyone we speak to.

That is the essence of true selling.

It won’t necessarily get you the best grades, but it will significantly grow your sales numbers into the future.

And that’s a ‘report card’ well worth putting on the fridge at the end of the financial year.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the need for the dreaded Hard Sell that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.

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