Can you hear the crowd? It’s a noisy world out there.

The modern, technological and rapid world landscape we have found ourselves has allowed for businesses that previously would have taken significant money, time and energy to get started all with the resources found no further than the phone in one’s pocket.

And the marketplace has become extremely crowded because of it.

There’s no real such thing as an original idea anymore, and anytime we do find ourselves thinking we have one its highly likely a quick Google search will ensure that belief is thwarted.

And so if this is the case, how is it that a business stands out in such a noisy marketplace? If so many ideas are already taken and are already being implemented, what do we need to be in order to be different to our competitors?

The answer, as surprising as it may be… is to be different.

It should go without saying of course, but unfortunately, many business owners miss the blatant truth to such a straightforward equation.

You see, so many business owners claim to want to stand out in their market (and who could blame them – it’s the ultimate way to gain attention and then convert that attention into sales). Yet, unfortunately, those very same business owners are also the ones who are spending their time doing the same thing as everyone else in their market.

They create content through Facebook live videos simply because that’s what they see everyone else in their field doing.

They use the same language as everyone else in their industry because the only people they network with are other people in their industry.

They stop marketing on a particular platform because everyone else has, without questioning why it’s even happening to begin with. The result? Becoming part of the very crowd they desire so much to stand out from.

Understand now: To market yourself as the same thing, in the same way, at the same time and to the same people as everyone else is marketing and sales suicide. Make no mistake about that fact.

The modern marketplace is one that demands new, different, better at almost every turn. The modern marketplace wants to align themselves with brands that are innovating to not just keep up to date with trends, but to create the tends that everyone else follows! The modern buyer knows that it’s a buyer’s world, and if we aren’t willing to be different from the rest then unfortunately we will become part of the rest (and we know the scary failure stats on that crowd).

Therefore, it’s fair enough to say that if you’re not willing to stand out as you do it, then it’s simply not worth doing at all. The good news is that the options for how to actually do this are plentiful and able to be accessed through as much creativity as we please!

One idea is to take a stock of all the industry norms in the market, and ask ‘how can we violate that norm? How can we do the opposite of that? How can we make that norm the ‘old way’ of doing things? Another idea is to embrace the power of being uniquely you. A brand identity won’t actually convey much brand identity without a unique approach to connecting with its market.

The ideas are practically endless, so long as they don’t adhere to what is already being done.

So how would you like to actively stand out moving forward?

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the ultimate methodology for closing sales by solving problems with your buyers, instead of forcing solutions upon them.


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