With the modern economic world that we live in, the ability to start a business has never been easier – and that’s a good thing! Innovation happens rapidly, problems are solved more effectively and individuals are able to create a life on their terms that never would have been possible even just 30 years ago. 

But with this new ability to start a business can come a slight misunderstanding of what it actually means to be in business as a whole to begin with.

There are many budding business owners in the modern world who get into business for the love of what they do, without a love for creating a business that sustains it – there is a big difference.

And the major factor that determines whether or not we are in business is the existence or non-existence of generated sales.

Sales, more than any other factor, equal business. Period.

As business owners, we can love what we do as much as we like, but we’re not making sales then we’re not in business. 

We can have all the ideas, plans and innovations in the world, but if we’re not making sales then we’re not in business.

We can add all the free value we can possible squeeze out but if it doesn’t help to make sales, then we’re not in business.

Moving forward, it is critical that you can language to yourself how any new innovation, strategy, conversation, marketing piece, product creation, networking event, new system (the list could go on for a while here…) can either directly or indirectly link back to increased revenue for your business.

Without the ability to answer that question, you’re not in business.

And it is that critical understanding that will separate the true business builders from the business owners who will only ever do the hard work if it means doing only the things they love.

These are the business owners who understand that just loving what they do won’t be enough to create sustainable revenue over the long-term of business, and they’re the ones who will be able to create systems and plans to ensure sales generation into the future.

They’re the ones who understand that their business exists to solve a pressing problem for their market, as opposed to believing that their passion alone will be enough to help them make sales when the times get tough.

They’re the ones who value business for what business truly is.

And they’re the ones who appreciate the value of a sale – as they understand what it ultimately means in the grand scheme of successful business.

So moving forward, how focused are you on making sales this year?

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you are selling, and can keep selling. Download your free TPM Beginner’s Guide below:


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