I’m currently sitting at a café on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco in the exact same seat I was sitting in practically a year ago to the day.

If you’ve been to San Francisco you’ll know the spot well – with the ships in the bay and Alcatraz prison in full view across the water.

And it’s really got me thinking about the possibilities we can experience in the modern business landscape.

A lot can change in a year.

Incredible things can happen in a year.

Within a year, you can learn so much about what is possible if you put your mind to it.

In that year I’ve built a business that earns me triple the income I was ever earning, working with the people I want to work with, teaching them exactly what I know will help them best.

And in that year I’ve also come to learn three critical philosophies that have fuelled the success of the business.

These philosophies weren’t all necessarily there from day one but after learning them through the hard and sometimes unforgiving jungle of modern business I can guarantee they will be there each day moving forward.

It’s all about people.

Look around you.

Practically everything you see around you has been made up by, created by, cared for by, ruined by, loved by, hated by, celebrated by…


Your business therefore needs to exist for one reason above all else and that is serving the people.

Your business isn’t going to be a success purely because you have passion for what you do.

It isn’t going to grow simply because you worked hard.

It isn’t going to dominate a market based on your belief that it will.

It’s going to succeed based on how well you add value to the people around you, and this applies to all levels of business.

How well you know people, human decision making behaviour and buying processes will out-rank anything else you could ever want to know when it comes to business success.

The more you know people the more you can help them and therefore the more value you can add.

Identifying yourself as a problem solver is key.

You can bake the best pies in the world but if your goal is to win a break dancing competition than those pies are as useless as it gets.

What do I even mean by that?

I mean that your business needs to know the context of the problem it is solving before ever caring about how it is actually going to solve the problem.

How you actually do what you do, the real-life work you put in is simply the vehicle for how you solve problems for other people.

There are so many businesses out there that focus on how they do what they do and wonder why they aren’t making any traction.

But when they switch to the identity of being a problem solver for their buyers, answers to questions they didn’t even know to ask begin to emerge.

These are high quality questions by the way, not the ones you’re forced to fill out on a business plan.

When you ask yourself what problem you are solving as a business, then it goes back to being about the people and serving them.

Because at the end of the day, they are the ones handing over their money to you to help them.

And they are much more interested in having their current problems and challenges solves first, how they have that problem solved with you will always be unconsciously second in their mind.

Your business success will directly correlate with the amount of personal responsibility you take for your results.

I don’t know whether or not we are in fact 100% responsible for all our results and non-results in business, but I sure do know the results are significantly better when we act as if that is true.

And with that comes the choice to believe that there is a direct correlation between your business success and the amount of personal responsibility you are taking in life.

You can dodge outcomes, blame others and justify the low results but when push comes to shove it isn’t those things that are going to grow the business.

They simply keep you comfortable where you are without any regard for the long-term vision of where you want your business to go.

When you take personal responsibility for your results you have the power to change what those results are.

You get to be in charge of what needs to happen next.

And that’s what being in business for yourself is really all about, don’t you think?

Here’s to the next 12 months in business, where there’s sure to be more philosophical business realisations to come.

Darcy J Smyth is the creator and lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to help you close sales without having to revert back to the Hard Sell that turns so many away in the modern business landscape – and become a persuasion master instead.


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