Just so we are aware – the title of this article were ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT ME’ it could effectively hold the same content, but likely would have been opened by less than a third of the readers, and – like many functions of human behaviour – this is of course highly predictable because of the number one question everyone is constantly asking themselves on an unconscious level:


‘What’s in it for me?’


The power in knowing this is for us not to see the question asked in a selfish context (no room for Sterling Archer here) but rather in an evolutionary, scientific manner from the perspective of survival because if the power in using this from a sales perspective is highly significant then its worth exploring…

By knowing this key behavioural concept it allows us to utilise it in so many areas of sales. Building rapport and gauging desire by developing genuine curiosity about our prospect is the most obvious one, yet so many salespeople overlook the importance of this step.

If we are looking to know more about our prospects needs and desires this means we must be asking questions about them. The poor salesperson by contrast either launches into the pitch about their product too early or only asks questions related to a specific product they have in mind.

Ironically, they blow the sale by doing the one thing we are all geared to do: Think about ourselves.

These are both the mark of a person thinking more about their own commission and income than serving the human being in front of them. Little do they realise if they took the time to create a genuine connection with the buyer those commissions would take care of themselves.

The fact is that we are always going to be achieving secondary gifts out of any act we do for others (The Dalai Lama said so), whether it be through emotional or material gain. So we might as well take the time as salespeople to go over and above for the prospective purchaser we are assisting in that moment. We can make it about ourselves the whole time, or we can make it about others as well all the while knowing we are going to be taken care of in the process.

If you’re an experienced recipient and avid reader of the philosophies of 21st Century Selling you’ll be familiar with the fact that we are BIG on making it all about our prospect. How can we serve them? How can we give more to them? What’s a new way we can go over and above for them? We pride ourselves on sales strategies and concepts that result in higher sales for businesses that are all about the prospect first, knowing that this goes a significant way to higher and higher revenue and referrals.

We also know that at the end of the day we do this because as human beings there is also something in it for us. We know that by working with clients that are into making it about others first we will have fun on our way to better results, we will give people an amazing buying experience on our way to creating lasting relationships and we open up the opportunity for countless referrals on our way to helping those that are truly grateful for the opportunity.

I’ll stop talking about us now…

Trust you know who you need to focus on today…

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