There’s something I need to admit.

I’m borderline obsessed with human behaviour, and I only say ‘borderline’ in order to not have the authorities knocking on the door wanting to assess my social fitness.

The truth is it’s practically all I think about in some form or another… The study, implications and philosophy of human behaviour has been a core part of my identity since the first time I watched a BBC documentary on the human brain at the youngest of memorable ages.

From there it’s been a consistent study of what it is that makes us tick, what makes us behave the way we do, and how it is we as a species ultimately make up this thing we call reality.

And I just wouldn’t have things any other way.

And if you are passionate, I mean really truly passionate about a particular topic, field or craft then you shouldn’t want things any other way either.

The more experienced I become in business the more I realise how OK it is follow a passion at the expense of missing out on some of the mundane, everyday aspects of life that many other 9-to-5ers seem to relish.

The more knowledge, the less TV.

The more growth, the less gossip.

The more value provided, the less boredom.

If you are not in business this will seem a bit out of left field, and your finger might be on the button to dial the authorities to come and check in. But if you are in a business you have passion for, it’s likely you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And it is those of you in business that I am mainly talking to right now, but more specifically those of you who are 100% passionate, but only 90% committed to going all in.

As a sales trainer and creator of a methodology so firmly linked to human decision making, I needed to go all in on my strengths, forgetting about the weaknesses and pushing on through when it seems like there is no other option.

Because the truth is it is now my only option, and the desired success of such a methodology demands a deep commitment to said strengths.

As entrepreneurs we know the thought of working for someone else makes us cringe to the point of exhaustion, and the idea of starting a business in any other field simply doesn’t make sense right now.


And the idea of only having one option may scare some people – we as a human race like to send our options wide to cover as much ground as possible in case things suddenly change one day, and we need the skills to find a suitable job.

It’s normal human behaviour, but it’s also heavily fear-based and will lead us no where but being a jack of all trades, master of none .


That 90% commitment we as business owners may show from time to time actually translates to much, much less in the real world of results. But to add in the extra 10% – that’s some damn fine courage that is significantly rewarded.

SO (fill in the gap).

The reason people are getting such good results with the Tonal Persuasion Method is because their trainer (this guy) is 100% committed to its success in the sales world.

Your success in a field will be measured on your depth of knowledge and action within it, not how much you know about other topics just in case something changes one day. Realise your strengths, back them to the hills and stop leaving some reserve in the tank for a day that hasn’t even happened yet – and likely never will.

All the best, and let me know how it goes when you choose to go all in.

If you still feel like you’re leaving some passion on the table, let’s organise a 45 minute strategy session and nut it out. It’s on me – just go HERE to book it in.


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