Cathartic Sales Writing

The ultimate 30-day email course to clear the mental blocks holding your sales results back. All in your own time, at your own pace, in a way that suits you.

Here’s where things stand for you right now:

You’ve found your way to this beautiful landing page – thanks for being here, by the way.

You run your own business and are in charge of making your own sales.

‘Doing your work’ is easy – it’s something you’re good at.

You love what you do and it’s something you’re proud to sell to others.

But there’s just one little problem:

Sales numbers have either stagnated, become extremely unpredictable or worse yet – are non-existent!

It now feels impossible to give your gift to others in the way you’ve always desired.

Not to mention the costs of running your business. They’re only getting higher, while the money you’re taking in is struggling to keep up with the rise.

Here’s why you think it’s happening:

You can’t quite fully put your finger on it, but there’s a mental block somewhere holding you back from sales success.

It feels like you’re lacking the self-esteem, confidence or belief you need to be successful in growing your own sales results.

To put it simply: fear is winning the battle inside you right now.

And you sense that the solution is within you – not necessarily in a shiny new book, seminar or mentor. You just need a way to bring it out so you can solve it once and for all.

‘This is me to a tee!’ Please send me the first three days of the writing course.

Here’s how you want it to be:

As a minimum, you at least want to know why things are the way they are.

Ideally, you would have also broken through the mental barriers that are holding you back, so you’re free to move on with solving the problems that really matter in your business.

Even better, would be to then have a tool at your immediate disposal to move through any future mental or emotional challenges that hold you back from sales success.

To put it simply: you’d love for business flow, certainty and clarity to finally be back on your side again.

Oh, just one more thing:

You’ve always been ‘different’ to the rest.

The normal, traditional ways of solving problems and learning about yourself just don’t seem to cut it for you.

You’re always up for trying something out of the ordinary to face your next challenge and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

If that’s the case, then the 30-day Cathartic Sales Writing course has been designed specifically for you

30 days of sales-specific writing prompts delivered straight to your inbox.

20 minutes of writing per day.

Self-generated insights into your own sales barriers and challenges. Endless mental blocks to sales success cleared. All within the comfort and privacy of your own pen and paper.

First 3 Days


Want the first 3 days of the 30-day course so you can see what the cathartic craze is all about and how it works?

All 30 Days

$997 (Includes Bonuses)

Does this writing course sound like exactly what you need and you’re committed to the full 30-day experience?

100% Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee.

If you complete all 30 days of the Cathartic Writing for Sales program and can’t see how this program – and the learnings you’ve taken away from it – will result in turning your $997 investment into at least $10,000 worth of new ideas, new strategies and new sales results for you and your business, then simply send an email within a week of completing the course and we’ll refund you your full investment. We’re here to help your sales numbers grow. If that hasn’t happened for you as a result of this 30-day email course, then we make it our mission to reimburse you your $997 investment. No Questions Asked.


  • Accelerated Trust Creation Volumes 1 and 2:
    Over 100 sales tips, strategies and concepts to implement immediately in closing your next sale. Read just one per day to completely shift your approach to the next sales conversation coming your way.
  • The Persuasive Precision Collection:
    Every single email of the Darcy J Smyth’s famous ‘Persuasive Precision’ email series has been collated and placed into this resource for you. Implement a new sales strategy, arm yourself with a phenomenally powerful sales question or understand your ideal buyer’s real needs with just a two-minute read of these timeless emails.
  • The Sales Self-Questioning Persuasion Technique:
    An addition to your Cathartic Sales Writing Course, with new questions that even further challenge the mental and emotional blocks holding you back from sales success.
  • The Persuasive Sales Machine:
    A 5-module resource that takes us behind the curtain on how and why our buyers truly make their decisions. Having this knowledge in your back pocket will transform the questions you ask to your ideal buyers forever.
  • A personal sales strategy call with Darcy J Smyth:
    Spend 30 minutes with the creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales and your Cathartic Sales Writing course to send your sales numbers through the roof moving forward. This is not a drill, people.

First 3 Days


Want the first 3 days of the 30-day course so you can see what the cathartic craze is all about and how it works?

All 30 Days

$997 (Includes Bonuses)

Does this writing course sound like exactly what you need and you’re committed to the full 30-day experience?

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