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About the Book

Darcy J Smyth’s eagerly awaited ‘Some Things Never Change’ is a highly thought-provoking, insightfully entertaining account of a conversation between a highly successful grandfather and his entrepreneurial grandson about what it takes to thrive in the first two years of business.

Delve into the in-depth, timeless concepts that every business owner must understand for success, that continue to exist despite an ever-expanding array of modern market conditions.

Readers are calling it the business edition of “Tuesdays with Morrie”, and you can call it your own by ordering today.

About the Author

Darcy J Smyth’s passion for the psychology, behaviour and thinking patterns behind entrepreneurial success has seen him rapidly emerge as a well known name in the Australian sales mentoring and training space. His ‘massive-value’ and problem solving approach to business – most evidently seen in his signature sales training, the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – has resulted in a highly grateful and ever-growing following that continues to demand more of his knowledge on the topics of sales, business and entrepreneurship. 

‘Some Things Never Change’ has been designed to do more of exactly what the community around him are asking for, delivering unique, provocative insights into the psychological behaviour of the modern business owner that can be applied in a practical and graspable way. 

Darcy lives in Melbourne, Australia and regularly travels around the country to deliver trainings to the sales community that he is not only proud to have grown, but extremely humbled to be a part of. He holds a bachelor’s science degree in psychology and psychophysiology, but as you will read in ‘Some Things Never Change’, his real learning happened where all of our real learning truly happens: out there creating relationships in the business world.

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