Ahhh the ‘ego’: That compulsion to need more than we need and have more than we have, for no other reason than the fact that that’s the way it’s always been.

It’s the voice that tells us to remain safe, to ‘always look out for number 1’ and to remember that life is to be feared first, lived second – the actions spurring from its influence often reflective of self-preservation rather than the empowerment of self and others.

It’s function and applicable usage has been debated by philosophers, scientists, artists and businesspeople the world around for centuries and it remains one of the greatest mysteries of the human condition.

It is the ultimate creator of the dissonance we experience between doing what we sense is right for the collective and what we sense is right for our own survival and it is the mastermind behind ensuring confusion between knowing when ‘enough is enough’ and when to keep pushing to be more, do more and have more for all the right (or wrong) reasons.

It is responsible for the justifications and excuses we make as to why we couldn’t achieve a particular result and ensures we don’t have to take responsibility for the things that went wrong along the way.

All of these thoughts and experiences are false, only made to seem real by the ego as it continues to remind us that our fears are real, our limits can’t be exceeded and that we as an individual are more important than the ‘greater good’.

The battle with the ego is – and likely will be for millennia to come – the greatest war any person will fight over their lifetime, and is one that for many is such an uphill battle that they’re more than happy to accept defeat before the struggle even begins.

But for us as business owners, the ego is something we must enter into a long, fierce and uncertain battle with for an extended period of time – each new day representing a fresh challenge that is designed to teach us the difference between selflessness and the pulls of the ego.

Each day we must rise and remind ourselves that what we create today is all about solving problems for others.

We must commit and re-commit to the selflessness required to keep moving when the people around us fail to keep their own promises or adhere to their own responsibilities in the business world around us.

We must remember that our impact through the businesses we run will live on longer than us, and we must exemplify all that it means to leave a legacy because of it.

It may be a lesson that takes decades to learn, but when we learn how to value what we want for the world after we’re gone more than what we want for ourselves right now, then we are on the right track to building a legacy through our business that will have a significant impact on those around us into the future.

The products we create every day are a selfless legacy that will have ripples far beyond our conscious awareness in the future. 

The sales we make – and the manner in which we make them – will go on to influence the behaviours of so many more people than just the individual we have sold to in the moment.

We are the only ones with the choice of how we would like to think and behave, with this knowledge in mind, and our ego will be there every step of the way – ready to remind us of how much easier and comfortable it would be to ignore all of that and fearfully just look after ourselves.

What decision will you make as a business owner?

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – learn more at www.tonalpersuasionmethod.com or download your TPM Beginner’s Guide below:


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