In the western world, from the youngest of ages we are taught to fit in.

We go to school and take the same classes as everyone else, wear the same uniform as everyone else, start and finish our day at the same time as everyone else.

For the most part, we are marketed at in a way that generally leads us to watch similar TV shows, play similar sports and earning similar incomes – at least for the first part of our careers.

From the second we speak we are told to speak like everyone else.

From the minute we display social behaviour and start fitting in we are encouraged to increase the behaviour that breeds more of exactly that: fitting in.

Of course, there are always exceptions and outliers in any field – but for the majority going outside the norm of those around them is downright incomprehensible at worst, and scary to consider at best. 

If unattended, it leads to a life lived in complete confirmation from those around us – an inability to challenge the norm or do anything without the approval of peers in our vicinity.

And whilst a life lived in the shadows of others is disappointing enough as it is – there are countless books, seminars and resources on personal development that tackle this proposition – when applied to a business context it can be just as damaging to the health and longevity of one’s sales results.

It leads to an unfortunate ‘fitting in’ in the marketplace – offering the same services, in the same way, at the same price as all of the others, coated with a fear of stepping outside of the norm.

And ultimately, it results in becoming ‘part of the noise’ that blends into the background of the market, sales numbers dwindling all the while.

Which is why it is so critical as a business owner to not let the programming and conditioning that occurs at such a young age become a pillar on which to lean throughout your business career.

As a business owner, you likely went into business for yourself because you don’t see the world like everyone else.

You started a business because you knew you were different, so don’t just stop at standing out by exercising your entrepreneurial skills – take it even further and be a standout amongst standouts.

Standing out by being a business owner was a wise strategy, now going one level deeper and standing out in your likely-crowded market is the tactic that will truly set you apart and lead to the sales that you know you ultimately deserve.

Find your own slice of the pie in your market and drizzle it with your own version of as much sugar as you like.

Get creative in the way you add value to your followers.

‘Rattle a few cages’ in the way you create content and solve problems. Don’t just step outside the box, act as if the box doesn’t even exist when creating a new service or product for existing clients.

There is very little fulfilment, enjoyment or profit in doing things the way everyone else is doing them.

Businesses don’t survive by being exactly like the business down the road, they survive by being different

Do things differently, and be proud of it.

It’s fulfilling both in terms of your sense of purpose in business, and your sales funnel too.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – the methodology designed to help you close sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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