Those new to learning the art of selling often approach the topic with a perspective that suggests they believe they are here to learn how to get around, get through, get over, get on top of, disregard, reframe (or a mix of all of the above) one thing:


And that’s true, that’s what we’re here for at the end of the day. As sales professionals, it is our job to handle the objections of our buyers in a way that ensures our buyer feels taken care of and appreciative so they continue to come back.

But in the majority of cases, those new to the field of success sales see objections as something they are about to learn how to handle without it seeming like they are being handled.

They want to know how to make sales without it seeming like they are there to ‘make a sale’. They want to know how to handle objections without it looking like they know its their job to do so. Metaphorically, they want to help cars get from city A to city B without seeming like they are classified as a bridge.

And one of the most effective ways to approach this is to understand the concept of authority based selling.

Authority-based selling happens around us constantly – its essentially the notion of those in an authoritative position telling their buyers what they need to buy, as opposed to needing to influence or persuade someone to make one decision over another.

Perhaps the perfect example of this is a doctor or surgeon prescribing what needs to happen for their patient moving forward – two scripts of this medicine, surgery to be booked in on this date, follow up appointments to be scheduled for the next X amount of years. 

We don’t even question their prescriptions, we simply comply and spend our money as it’s required – the choice, we perceive, isn’t in our hands.

How would it feel to know you could sell with such authority in your own business? Imagine no longer having to handle objections along your way to sales success, hitting green light after green light on your way to the business destination you desire.

Well, there is a way to build this authority without needing the policeman uniform or doctor’s white coat.

The answer is simple to hear, but may take a little more practice to implement:

Solve problems for your buyers at every single opportunity.

For those in the game of building a personal brand, your focus should be on consistently and continually putting yourself in positions where you can solve problems for your potential buyers.

If you can’t find environments (both online and offline) where people are asking for problems to be solved, then present the problems yourself… then solve them (all in the same post!).

In your initial phone conversations, your first aim should be to discover smaller, lower level problems your buyer is experiencing and show you can solve them with ease – again being the walking example of the modern day Sherlock Holmes or Matlock.

This opens up their trust for your potential buyers to understand and know that you are someone who has expertise in your field, and after long enough your sales conversations will often produce such responses as:

“Well, actually, we’re up for you telling us exactly what we need…”

“I’m going to leave this one in your hands, you know my position well enough to know what I need here.”

“The main reason I’m calling is because I can’t make the decision myself, and need you to point me in the right direction – I’m more than happy to trust you on this one.”

Your potential buyers eventually realise that whenever they see your name, there you are again, able to solve the problem!

By being the ultimate problem solver for your buyers, they happily give you the authority and expert status you deserve – objections become a thing of the past as you recommend your way to business and personal brand sales success.

Sell accordingly.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer and creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, a methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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