We are hearing it all the more often in the business and entrepreneurial world that so many of us readers of this blog now operate.

Add value, add value, add value.

It is potentially becoming the new buzz phrase, cruising right along with the ghosts of flash-in-the-pan terminology’s past in ‘hustle’ and ‘disruption’.

But nonetheless as a sales professional and business owner these words – however over-used and worn out they may become in social circles – hit their linguistic peak of fame for a reason.

And that’s because they are critical for sales success in the modern world.

Hustle and hard work are essential to stand out in the noisy market, as is doing something in the form of disruption in a given market.   

To be able to ‘add value’ to your audience, followers or market is the cornerstone of sales success as a solo business owner – without it all the hustle and disruption in the world would go towards a venture that will inevitably fall on deaf ears.

So what does it actually mean to ‘add value’?

This is a critical question to answer, because without seeing it through the proper frame or context, adding value can cause one to simply become part of the noise.

So how about we start with what adding value is not: Adding value is not just putting out content or information for just the sake of doing so. 

Adding value is not offering a discount or price reduction simply because your competitors have different prices.

Adding value is not sharing a quote picture because it resonated with you on a particular day.

All of these things and more – particularly in the modern sales landscape – simply contribute to the ever-growing masses of noise out there that is ignored by practically anyone that comes across it.

Oh sure, they’ll read it and see you posted it – but it won’t have near enough of an emotional or logical impact on them to change the way they behave or interact with your brand. 

So how do we effectively and practically add value in a way that grows our sales numbers? 

This needs to be clear: We add value in areas that solves a particular problem.

Nothing has value in the market economy that we live in unless it solves a problem for those that it reaches.

A man could knock on your front door 10 minutes from now and offer you all the free window cleaning spray in the world, but unless you have dirty windows the spray lacks value and actually becomes more of a burden in your household as it would take up unnecessary cupboard space.

To the salesman the window spray is valuable, but he’s aiming to sell it to someone that has no need for the product and so it simply becomes more noise that is ignored.

Ensure that whenever you are adding value, it is solving a particular problem for those that will experience it.

If the problem isn’t ‘a given’ and in a sense automatically clear to the reader, then make sure you not only state the problem but also show your audience or market what the problem is costing them too.

The bigger the problem, the more context you give yourself to add value. 

Anything else is just noise, and must be deleted from your sales strategy immediately.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without having to revert back to the Hard Sell that turns so many buyers away in the modern sales landscape. Download your TPM Beginner’s Guide below and start closing sales using this methodology immediately.


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