The TPM is a training like no other. If you are looking to fast track your sales, be an outstanding communicator and learn the secrets to really connecting with your potential buyer then this is the training for you. I loved every minute of it.

Jade Varley
Suited to Business

The importance of the Tonal Persuasion Method is something not delved into before and Darcy is certainly the foremost expert in his field.

Dylan Lesock
Clarke Clean

Darcy is a master of his craft. With a deep understanding of human behaviour and a natural ability for sales – he has developed a system that makes it easy to share and implement for everyone. Darcy is always providing outstanding practical and results-driven value.

Nadine Fenerty
Infinity Transformations

Darcy is clearly an expert when it comes to human behaviour. The Tonal Persuasion Method was taught with great clarity and has been a powerful tool in taking my sales to the next level. Highly recommended for those who are serious about sales.

Samuel Kent
Melbourne Electric

Darcy Smyth knows human behaviour – and he knows how to sell! This is the ultimate model for selling, without the ‘sell’. If you dislike the feeling of having to fight for your sales you must get in the training room for the Tonal Persuasion Method!

Mark Stables
Holmwood Group

The training has been a total game changer to me and my business. Before the training my sales results were hit and miss and I saw sales as a sleazy process – and one I sucked at! Darcy taught me the code behind sales and I have seen instant results in my business. I no longer fear sales calls – in fact, I look forward to serving prospective clients. Thank you Darcy!

Emily Chadbourne
Small Business Owner

The Tonal Persuasion Method transforms how sales are done and helps you close sales that should be closed with more than just what to say. This is powerful stuff that eclipses outdated selling techniques with excessive scripting and in-your-face tactics. This training was unparalleled in comparison to any other worthwhile sales training I’ve attended.

Frank Fava
FLIC Sites

Working with Darcy Smyth of the Tonal Persuasion Method and utilising both its concepts his in depth knowledge of buying behaviour has significantly increased my ability to deliver excellence to my clients. I will continue to use his services in the future and strongly recommend to any other small business owners who are looking to increase sales.

Alex Storer
AWS Productions

I have had the pleasure of using Darcy Smyth at the Tonal Persuasion Method for my own business. I found him to be extremely professional in all correspondence I have had with him.

He helped me understand the language of sales better so that I could build rapport quickly, be ready for questions that may arise and this helped in securing a large contract for my consulting business.

Darcy understands human behaviour and he is generous with not only sharing his knowledge, but also ensuring that I, as a client, understand how to implement it. I highly recommend the services of the Tonal Persuasion Method.

Megan Jaworski
Be The Change

Let’s be clear, if you’re happy with mediocre – don’t bother working with Darcy. He’s just not that into you! Darcy has a level of perception with human behaviour that is staggering. Not content with the old ways of thinking and acting, Darcy is a natural born leader who presses on the pressure points of yesterday’s practices.

And yesterday isn’t liking it at all!

So, by all means, if mediocre is your thing then just keep walking. But if you want results, and I mean results that scare the crap out of you (in a good way!), then buckle up, hook in and commit – cos this matters… Right?!

Youarn Bell
Public Speaking Institute

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