Business: A concept built on the foundations of supply and demand and coated with the intention of helping each of us move forward as members of a single human race.

A practice designed to ensure the problems we can’t solve ourselves are solved by others with access to the resources and capabilities needed to get the job done.

A platform from which to extend what is possible for not just us as individuals, but for both online and offline groups and communities all aiming to achieve a similar outcome moving forward. 

And an environment that has been created on one essential foundation: the creation and conversion of ‘sales’.

What an incredible force of nature, created by the very nature that uses it force: people.

It is the force that has built jaw-dropping city skylines, allowed us to partake in the miracle of human flight and appreciate the finest of wines if we’re only so lucky enough. It is the force that has essentially granted us the opportunity to wear classy clothes, utilise the books we need for schooling and drive the cars we so greatly desire. 

It’s also the force, however, that has seen individuals and companies fail to deliver on what they’ve promised yet receive compensation regardless. It’s the practice that has ultimately resulted in the devastation of families at the wrong end of investment schemes and it’s the platform from which human greed has had the opportunity to flourish immensely.

And therefore, with any form of philosophy – especially sales philosophy – must come the appropriate question:

“Has it been worth it?”

The creation of the services and business to be considered of course, but for the context in question here we must ask this question in relation to the way we have generally made the sales themselves.

With ‘sales’ being such a commonly dirty word in the modern world, something must have gone wrong along the way, right? Something must have rubbed up against our collective morals the wrong way. So one must consider: Has the way we have sold to each other up until now, been worth the results it has created?

Are we proud, as a collective, at how we have made our sales up until now? 

Well, perhaps there is no direct Return on Investment calculation to put into practice here, no Revenue Forecast Spreadsheet to draw up to give us the answer we are looking for, but there is perhaps a more accurate compass we can each utilise to the find the answer:

That voice at the back of our mind that undeniably tells us exactly what we already really know is true. That inkling feeling we get that something might be a bit off. The distant memories of times past that remind us of what it feels like to be taken advantage of.

That is the ultimate compass.

And it’s a compass that is undeniably pointing in the direction up until now of evident displeasure in the way we have made our sales as a human race.

And although – as hard as it may be to believe – the majority of sales are made in a way that results in a positive win-win for both the buyer and sales professional/business they have bought from, there still remains a significant portion of sales made in a way that leave a sour taste in the mouth of the human collective that are left to deal with the result of poor salesmanship.

So, in the spirit of traditional sales philosophy, what does that mean for us as business owners making sales moving forward?

The answer becomes simple:

We as business owners – no matter how small or large our operation – are the ones who must take responsibility for the quality of experience we would like to give to the world. A world built on supply and demand, a world with the intention of helping each other get better, and a world that unfortunately has up until now let the standards of excellence slip relative to how well we know we can genuinely serve each other.

We can’t have control over how anyone else makes the sales in their own business. We can’t control the amount of value they add nor the transparency and authenticity they make their sales with. 

But what we can control, and will always be able to control, is our own.

If you believe ‘sales’ is a dirty word, then it is up to no one else but you to change that definition in your world. Sales is only dirty because of the people that make particular sales that way, and it is a choice that only you can make to follow suit, or to go in a different direction. 

And only then will we be able to truly answer for ourselves whether our business journeys themselves, have ultimately been worth it.


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