Life is a game of choosing the battles we want to fight. We only have so many hours in a day and a finite amount of days within our respective lives to produce whatever it is we desire to produce whilst we’re here.

That news is nothing new, and it’s something we’d all agree on as members of the human race.

But a perspective from which we often forget to see these things is that although we all have the same amount of time in a day, some people still manage to complete so much more within those 24 hours than others. Some people claim that in between picking up the kids from school and mowing the lawns, there’s just no time left in the day to take care of the other little things in life like spending time with their partner and preparing meals. Whilst others on the other hand somehow have the ‘time’ to run multiple businesses, feed themselves healthily, hit the gym and tick the parental role box perfectly all in a day’s work.

How can this be so? 

It’s because as people living in a highly market-driven economy continually working towards achieving greater results, we don’t so much decide how much time we want to dedicate to the tasks in our life, but the tasks, projects and people we ultimately want to take responsibility for.

This is key when looking to understand why our buyers make their buying decisions.

They are often buying to save themselves the scarce resource of ‘time’ most definitely – sure – but it’s also critical to realise that it’s significantly combined with the level of responsibility that they also want to hand over to someone else, as they already perceive themselves to be handling enough responsibility as it is.

Our buyers essentially need us to take responsibility for the problems they need solved but aren’t ready to take responsibility for themselves yet, or that they consciously and simply choose not to take responsibility for yet.

With this being said, it then stands to reason that our sales revenue is directly linked to the amount of responsibility we are willing to take to solve the problems of our buyers.

As owners and drivers of our own business we can make as many sales as we please, just as long as we are aware and accepting of the responsibility that will inevitably come with serving those clients we sell to. Higher responsibility, higher amounts of sales. Lower responsibility, lower amounts of sales.

It’s also important to note here that not in any way is there ever a ‘right amount’ of responsibility to take in any given situation – simply an understanding that with however much responsibility one takes, results will inevitably rise with it and vice-versa.

So what are the results you want to achieve in business?

And with that in mind, what do you need to start taking responsibility for, in order to achieve those results?

The answer will inevitably clear things up for you in terms of the direction you need to start heading and the items that will require the most focus for you to get there.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer and creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales in your business without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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