As you read these words, please understand that you are doing so because of human emotion.

For you to have clicked on this link, there must have been emotion behind it. 

For you to be reading these words, there needs to be emotion riding within you to continue doing so.

For you to run your own business, there must have been significant emotion involved in the decision to do so – especially if you want to care enough to do it long term.

For you to close sales within your business, you must make no doubt about it – sales involves people’s emotions – and a lot of them.

Perhaps that’s why so many people tend to shy away from selling. The underlying fact that it involves the directing and influencing of another person’s emotions can be more than enough to scare just about anyone away.

But the reality of the matter is, if you want to be able to help people as a business owner, you need to be able to close sales.

And in order to close sales, you need to face the fact that no one will ever make a buying decision with you unless they experience enough emotional ‘gas-in-the-tank’ to do so.

Of course, the emotions we are speaking of here don’t always have to be negative emotions per se, but to believe that we can make sales by only ever focusing on the positive is to ignore a whole half of what it means to be a part of human nature.

Most sales will involve a gentle back and forth of positive and negative emotion, wrapped up nicely in a slice of logic to seal the deal.

The sooner we understand that, appreciate that and use the power of this knowledge with responsibility and servitude, the sooner we can get on with raising our sales numbers to new highs.

And we can feel damn good about it at the same time, too.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.

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