Personal Sales Mentoring

with Darcy J Smyth

We can have as much passion, drive and belief in the service we offer to our market as we please, but if we are unable to effectively and predictably sell that service to potential buyers, then please understand:

All of that passion and belief won’t count for a single thing when we look at our sales numbers at the end of a month.

You’re likely here because you’ve finally realised this for yourself and are ready to work personally with someone to show you the step-by-step approach to generating sales numbers in a way that makes the ‘Hard Sell’ a thing of the distant past.

Welcome to ‘Personal Mentoring’ with Darcy J Smyth. You’ve never experienced education like this before, and your sales numbers won’t have experienced growth like this in… well, ever.

Please Note

Personal mentoring with Darcy is a highly exclusive program by application phone call only.
Please see below to find out if a program like this could be for you, and then complete the form to personally connect with Darcy and find out more.

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Who is an ideal match for Sales Mentoring with Darcy?

  • You currently run your own business and you prefer to create ongoing relationships with your buyers, as opposed to selling a product or a commodity that doesn’t require a relationship.
  • You know your sales skills need work (in fact its something you’ve sensed for a while now) and you’re ready to learn what needs to be learned, even as uncomfortable or unfamiliar as it may be.
  • You understand and appreciate the power of direct feedback, coaching and mentoring and you take action on what you receive.
  • You are NOT a business owner who is here to ‘get’ instead of ‘give’, and you are ready to put your buyers before yourself moving forward on the path to sales success.
  • You realise that what got you to where you are today, will not be enough to get you to where you want to be tomorrow – and you are ready to put in the work required to achieve sales success.

Ready to learn more about Sales Mentoring with Darcy? Click here.

How do I give a bonus star? Darcy is the man you need to talk to if your sales are not what you want them to be, or if you want to get your business off to a flying start. Give Darcy a call, let him take care of you - you will be looked after from the moment he picks up the phone! Can't wait to get back into the training room in 2018!
Had an amazing weekend in the training room with Darcy, his team and the other learners. The psychology around selling now makes perfect sense. So relieved to know the steps and strategies to have the sales conversations!
The TPM Code of Selling Masterclass was extraordinary. The code Darcy has created gave me a solid framework for my sales conversations that will help me better serve my clients and bring more sustainable results into my business. I can now see where I've been doing well, and where to plug the gaps. Darcy's level of expertise, integrity and care for his tribe is gold!
Darcy is a master at selling and a master at training his TPM code. If you're not getting the results you want in your business then its a must to be in this room. Thanks so much Darcy for all you do, provide and for the amazing human you are. �
If you're in business and the word "sales" scares you, makes you cringe or you simply suck at it, the ultimate gift you can give yourself AND your customers to fast track success, is to get in the room with Darcy Smyth. The TPM Code of Selling masterclass is phenomenal and methodology immediately usable!
Darcy and the team at TPM are absolute legends. Love the practicality of the methods put forward and the results that follow shortly thereafter. Massive love ��
Another sensational training Darcy! Thank you for allowing me to attend more than once because that’s allowed even more Cool new learnings and embedding on them. ���
Darcy Smyth's brain is like Mary Poppins bag... Full of a seemingly endless amount of treasures. Not the sales trick and script kind that's designed to fool your buyer into buying from you - no. You won't find that here. The deep, rich, knowledge kind, about the psychology of sales, about the depths of your brain and all kinds of other learning you never imagined that will propel you to a new standard of business. Those who are not prepared to invest in TPM will be left behind in the modern business world. Thanks Darcy, you legend.
The more I work with Darcy, the more money my business turns over. He is an absolute genius in the area of sales.
Darcy's method completely removes frustration and desperation from the sales equation!

What does Personal Mentoring with Darcy look like?

  • Sales Psychology Mastery

    Don’t even know where to start when it comes to having a sales conversation? Work directly with Darcy to fully grasp and utilise the ‘code’ behind how your buyers make their decisions, allowing you instant access to the next question to ask, story to tell, silence to utilise… and sale to close!

  • Set up a System for Sales Success

    What good is sales success if it only happens once? Through working with Darcy as a mentor, together you will construct a system and process for sales success that will allow you to consistently and predictably grow your sales numbers.

  • Overcome Personal Selling Barriers

    Sales is a game mental game as much as anything else in life, and it therefore requires us to continually overcome our own self-doubts and personal challenges. Through working with Darcy, going on this journey becomes not only achievable but becomes your greatest secret advantage over those in your industry.

  • An Abundance of Support

    If there’s one thing all of Darcy’s clients will attest to, it’s the abundance of support and adaptability made available to ensure your mentoring experience is something that leaves you feeling completely taken care of. Your business needs it, and you as the business owner deserve it.

About your Mentor

Darcy J Smyth has worked with thousands of business owners, sales teams and relationship-driven professionals as a trainer and mentor since beginning his in-depth journey into the world of psychology and decision making in 2010.

His signature trainings – The Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, The ‘Code of Selling’ Masterclass and Advanced Sales Masterclass  – have been trained around Australia multiple times, something his personal clients have enjoyed as VIP guests at every opportunity they can get their hands on.

You can read more about his personal journey and what drives him to help business owners just like yourself to succeed in sales right HERE.

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