Darcy J Smyth's Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales


The ‘Hard Sell’ Has Left the Building


There is a modern critical truth that the best consultative sales professionals and business owners understand, and are closing the majority of larger and longer term sales because of it:

The hard, pushy and forceful sell is useless in the modern buyer’s mind, and the power they have to pick and choose the precise people they want to do business with is growing rapidly as a result.

Your buyer doesn’t want to feel as though they’ve been ‘sold to’ any more than you want to feel as though you had to twist their arm into the sale – sounds fair enough doesn’t it?

But let’s face it – creating revenue and cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and the results need to be hit at the end of the sales day.

So how do you ensure your buyers walk away feeling like they bought with you instead of being sold at by you whilst continuing the steady incline of your sales numbers?

What if you could sell in a way that didn’t rely on you forcing your service onto people, but instead had them lining just to hear more about your business from you – like a toll booth operator on a busy highway.

What if the way you created sales relationships felt completely congruent in a manner that added massive value to your buyers, just the way they like in the modern business world?

The Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales Live Event is here for that exact purpose: to ensure you are closing sales in a way that creates rapid, powerful, trusting relationships with your buyers that they will go on to tell their friends and family about.

If you’re passionate about the service you sell and understand how essential it is to the health of your revenue to increase your persuasive selling abilities, then you’re on the right track…

Darcy Smyth knows human behaviour – and he knows how to sell! This is the ultimate model for selling, without the ‘sell’. If you dislike the feeling of having to fight for your sales you must get in the training room for the Tonal Persuasion Method!

Mark Stables
Holmwood Group

The Results Are Speaking For Themselves

What’s the TPM Live Training Going to Give Me?

The Modern Sales Master
Own the insights into the way your ideal buyer wants to be sold to in the modern sales landscape and realise why you’ll never have to force your buyer into the ‘hard sell’ ever again.

The ‘Cognitive Dissonance for Sales’ Matrix
Exclusive to the Tonal Persuasion Methodology, understand the exact why and how it is your buyers are making decisions around your service so you can tailor your sales conversations and pitches in a way that lights up your buyer from the second they meet you. This is the ultimate framework for the science of positive and powerful persuasion.

The 6 Selling Archetypes of the Tonal Persuasion Method
Learn and implement the 6 powerful selling archetypes of the Tonal Persuasion Method that ensure your buyer knows they are dealing with an authoritative expert, as they move ahead with you in complete certainty and trust.

The 4 Non-Selling Archetypes of the Tonal Persuasion Method
Recognise and delete the 4 non-selling archetypes of the Tonal Persuasion Method that so many sales professionals and business owners are using to turn away buyers without even realising it – and it’s costing them thousands in revenue.

The Ultimate Sales Problem Solver
Learn the simple 3-step process that allows you to position and describe your sales offer in a way that has your ideal buyers lining up to buy from you – the words ‘let me think about it’ will be a thing of the distant past and your sales numbers will never be the same again.

The training has been a total game changer to me and my business. Before the training my sales results were hit and miss and I saw sales as a sleazy process – and one I sucked at! Darcy taught me the code behind sales and I have seen instant results in my business. I no longer fear sales calls – in fact, I look forward to serving prospective clients. Thank you Darcy!

Emily Chadbourne
Small Business Owner

Looking to know more about the live TPM training?

The Live Tonal Persuasion Method training is a full 2-day event and includes a complete online Membership Area packed with videos, recordings and resources to both get you started and continue your growth after the event itself.

Each event is capped at 25 attendees and seats at the next live training will fill quickly, so get in touch now to ensure your spot is reserved at the next training near you.

Enter your details into the form right here and a Tonal Persuasion Method team member will be in touch with you shortly to help you with everything you need.

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The Tonal Persuasion Method transforms how sales are done and helps you close sales that should be closed with more than just what to say. This is powerful stuff that eclipses outdated selling techniques with excessive scripting and in-your-face tactics. This training was unparalleled in comparison to any other worthwhile sales training I’ve attended.

Frank Fava
FLIC Sites

Frequently Asked Questions

Darcy J Smyth is an expert in the power of persuasive sales strategies, human decision-making patterns and the use of certainty-driven vocal tonality designed to produce sales results in a highly unique way.

He is the creator and lead trainer of the TPM for sales and has thousands of hours of experience in coaching, training and mentoring solo business owners and sales teams in generating higher sales numbers for themselves.

Darcy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Psychophysiology and is certified as a Meta Dynamics Level 3 Facilitator, and his passion is seeing you do one thing extremely well: Growing your sales results.

The TPM is a two-day live training with additional online resources.
These online resources are continuously being added to, to ensure your selling skills are updated and refined for best results.

Additional webinars and recordings are also available to both private (TPM members/attendees) and public followers of the TPM.

For additional value on the TPM ensure to join the private group where you will be greeted by like-minded business owners and salespeople capitalising on the power of the TPM

Accelerated Trust Creation – Tonal Persuasion Method Enthusiasts

Traditional sales training will typically have taught you a lot about ‘what to say’ in order to make the sale. The TPM training also covers this area but also goes in depth on the powerful buying behaviour concepts and strategies, with the inclusion of the unique branding of vocal tonal persuasion used to supercharge this.

If you have done sales training previously, the TPM training will assist you in significantly enhancing your pre-existing sales skills.

In conjunction with the previous frequently asked question, this training ensures you are capitalising on the critical components of the sales process for your business.

If you are new to sales this training will ensure you walk away with the ability to persuade, influence and most importantly sell to your ideal clients or customers in a way that feels congruent, achievable and value-driven.

Currently the training is delivered live in a training room. The training is not available through online streaming at this stage.

As a TPM members (attendees of the live training) you enjoy continued support after the training through additional resources continuing to ensure your growth.

On top of this is the private Facebook Group for TPM members and followers: Accelerated Trust Creation – Tonal Persuasion Method Enthusiasts

Darcy J Smyth is also available for continued support with the method, typically through online mediums.

When presented as a live training event (as opposed to run specifically for a sales team at a company or business) the room is typically capped at 20 people. This ensures an all-encompassing training environment where each individual can be assured of a high quality learning experience.

All that is required to secure your seat at the next live Tonal Persuasion Method training is a deposit payment and your TPM form completed. All additional investments required are to be completed before the live training date.

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