On June 3rd and 4th, 2017, a room of passionate, determined and committed small business owners and sales professionals stepped foot into what was to be a weekend of immense and intense growth in sales ability.

Little did they know it, but the way they saw ‘selling’ in the modern business world was about to change forever and their revenue numbers were about to change right along with it.

Over two in-depth days, the attendees entered a new world of knowledge where they began to understand the raw psychological reasons behind why their buyers were truly buying their product or service. They grasped the difference between ‘problem solving’ and ‘solution selling’ for their buyers (there’s a big difference, by the way…) and were able to implement this powerful concept directly into their sales conversations moving forward.

They learned how to have their buyer convince themselves to buy, as opposed to having to do all the heavy lifting in the sales conversation themselves – a practice that can leave so small business owners many tired, defeated and ultimately without revenue.

They left the room knowing exactly where to take the conversation with their potential buyer from the first second they start talking, in order to take them from realising the problem that needs solving, all the way to being a converted buyer that is truly thankful for the service coming their way.

But as powerful as these learnings were, there seemed to be one major realisation that served as the icing on the cake to the rest of the selling abilities acquired over the weekend…

You see, the attendees realised the true power of what ‘knowing how to sell’ now gave them:

It wasn’t just that they could now close sales in their small business, and it wasn’t just that their revenue was about to grow significantly, or that they were now on the path to being as ‘persuasive as possible’…

It was that ‘selling’ used to be such a gut-wrenching, nausea-inducing and downright frightening ordeal for the majority of them, and now that they had learned a new way to sell… a weight had been lifted that they hadn’t even known was weighing them down for so long.

And now that the way they saw sales had changed forever, what do you think now became possible in their mind moving forward?

Their entire perspective on what it meant to be in business – and ultimately what they could achieve through its success as a vehicle – had opened up now to whatever it was they wanted it to be. That in itself was one of the most impacting and life changing experiences for the attendees of June’s ‘Code of Selling’ Masterclass.

So many small business owners hold them back from going after what is most important to them – which requires being vulnerable and putting themselves out there – because they know that at some stage if they are to make money from it, they are going to need to sell.

And that’s a terrifying thought for so many small business owners, but once the way they saw ‘selling’ for what it truly is as a way of helping other people make effective decisions that they aren’t able to make for themselves, that entire restriction had been lifted.

And now ‘possibility’ – not just in sales and business – but in their life at large had taken its place. 

Where their business goes from here is based on a trajectory that is fuelled by a confidence they’ve never experienced before, and with that comes a level of certainty that so many can spend their entire professional careers chasing.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the need for the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern marketplace.

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