Small business ownership; an often-stressful experience designed to somewhat model the world’s fastest, most unpredictable and dangerous rollercoaster.

A rollercoaster that, for some reason, we strangely and ironically enjoy the anxiety-inducing thrill of. A rollercoaster that although we know how dangerously unpredictable it is, we somehow can’t get enough of.

It’s a journey seems ludicrous from the outside – a commitment scary enough to ensure any mother will lose sleep at the thought of the inability to protect their loved ones from its potential harm.

But in all of the heartache, the distress, the inevitable downs that can come on at a pace which should be considered illegal, sits an understanding and appreciation for the work that goes into achieving a result in running our own business – and with that appreciation comes a realisation about what we are paid for as small business owners.

Because in business, you see, you are not simply paid for each time you ‘close a sale’. You are in fact paid for everything that has lead up to the moment the money changes hands, which is the final action in an enormous amount of action that must have occurred before it.

You’re paid for all the times your sale gets rejected.

For the all times you were told you weren’t good enough to make it happen.

And for all the times you kept going after your mind told you it would be so much easier just to give up now.

You’re paid for the guts it takes to trade in your comfortable 9 to 5 for a world of ever-increasing uncertainty.

For the guts it takes to back yourself and your own ideas.

And for the guts it takes to face yourself in the mirror and have your weaknesses staring back at you.

You’re paid for all the times you decided to invest in yourself when so many others would have invested in elegant distractions.

For the times you decided to invest in your own education when so many others would have invested in their favourite TV shows.

And for the times you decided to invest in your own future when so many others remain invested in the obstacles of their past.

You’re paid for the value you have added to people you may never meet.

For the problems you have solved for people you may never sell to.

And for the ripple effects you’ve created that you’ll never be able to measure.

Those – and so many more – are the nuts, bolts, screws, turns and loop-the-loops that make up the rollercoaster that is small business, and each of them contribute to create the experience that ultimately makes small business ownership so internally rewarding.

We shouldn’t aim to avoid these factors, but rather understand they’re all simply part of the journey – parts that all the greatest business owners have been subject to on their path to business success.

Enjoy the journey ahead accordingly.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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