It is believed that an average buyer in the western world is exposed to 5000+ advertisements, sales pitches and opportunities to purchase in a given day, a number that has risen from approximately 500 a day just a few decades ago.

Our buyers are bombarded with the latest ‘shiny thing’, impacted by the ‘newest edition’ and coerced by the ‘next best’ item, product or service at rate that is rendered impossible to keep up with by their conscious mind within minutes of waking in the morning, all the way until their head hits the pillow some 14 hours later.

But of course we already knew this – we live in a modern western metropolis of constant marketing leading to economic-driven behaviour on repeat, it’s presence only growing as the options each individual has for working diversifies and grows.

So what’s the point in knowing this about our buyer?

The point isn’t actually about how much our buyer is exposed to – but how much they actually remember.

It is believed that out of those 5000+ ads received by the buying brain on a daily basis, only 2-3 are remembered the next day.

Not 2-3 percent, but just 2-3 total.

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

All of that time, money and energy spent on creating a plethora of selling opportunities for businesses all over the western world and the vast majority is falling on deaf ears and blind eyes.

In fact, ‘vast majority’ could even be an understatement. It seems that the modern mind has adapted to shutting out large masses of advertising and sales noise that goes on around it – meaning space in your buyer’s mind is scarce, and it’s not going cheap.

So in a world where so much selling effort goes unnoticed, how do you ensure your presence is the one that stands out for your ideal buyer?

What is the secret ingredient that increases the stickiness of your offer? How do you present your business in a way that is unforgettable?

The secret ingredient sits in positioning, branding and describing your business in a way that speaks directly to the part of the buyer’s mind that is truly making the decisions.

It’s the part of the mind that is deep-seated in the evolutionary, emotional and behavioural triggers that lead our buyers to take notice of us, hang around our brand, and then eventually convert into a buyer. 

And this part of the mind likes to be exposed to a number of critical inclusions into modern sales offerings and marketing exposures:

It needs to be all about them: As much as you may think it matters to your buyer, your current situation in life, or any challenges you may be experiencing as a person or business, do not stick in the buyer’s mind. At an evolutionary level their main concern is that they survive and thrive in their current environment – anything other than that is secondary.

It needs to establish a pain point or problem to be solved: Our buyers don’t necessarily buy things just because they would be ‘nice to have’. They buy them because they are going to solve a problem that exists in their current reality or situation. 

They need to know the consequences of the problem or pain point: Once a pain point has been established, our buyer will at most simply agree that what we have told them is a pain point worth considering. It isn’t until we turn up the consequences of that pain point existing that we really gain and keep their attention.

The way forward needs to be clear and simple: Taking action on something new is scary for most people – its unfamiliar and is therefore a threat to their survival. Therefore, once the pain point has been established with clearly outlined consequences, it is critical that we outline an easy way forward to the solution, with as little friction as possible. At this stage of any sales offer the less we are able to say (yet still making it clear what is on offer) the more powerful we are.

Moving forward, ensure that you stand out with these four critical components of your sales offer. It doesn’t have to be anything too flashy – in fact the most powerful sales offers are often the most simple and easy to digest.

Be in the memorable 2-3, not the easily forgettable 4997-4998.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you are remaining memorable in your buyer’s mind from curious to converted.


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