Let’s get clear on a modern truth that becomes more and more evident with every day in business that passes:

It’s a rapid world out there at least, and instantaneous at most.

The ways in which businesses can develop relationships with their potential buyers has never been easier and faster – new relationships can form at the click of a button and sales can be officially closed at the sending of something as simple as a text message.

It’s an incredible time to be alive – the opportunity to start and build our own successful business has never been more available to be realised.

But with this a caution must be understood: Failure to remember what the best business (and highest sales numbers) are truly made of will mean all the technology in the world won’t be able to save you from dwindling sales numbers and a poor business reputation. So many business owners wonder why they are doing so much of what they hear can happen in the age of internet, and somehow achieve little to no results. They can see the latest digital marketing trend, the newest automation tool, the next wave of unstoppable ‘funnel’ that will potentially answer all their prayers to see the money start rolling in.

But what they forget to appreciate is the fact that despite all the new technology available in the super-speed economy we are living in, the triggers to why people buy haven’t changed for thousands of years.

Like the modern golfing professionals of the world – despite all the updated clubs, gear and fancy looking driver to punish the ball off the tee, winning scores on all major tournaments have remained (and will continue to remain) at around about the same score for decades.

It’s not about the technology, what truly creates quality results is always about something deeper than that – something that has been accessible since the dawn of man.

It’s about letting your ideal buyer know that you care about them and their desires as a person – not a robot. 

It’s about showing your ideal buyer that you want to see them succeed well into the future as well as solving the problems they are facing now.

It’s about displaying a sense of human touch that lets your ideal buyer know they are doing business with someone that is in this for far more than the money.

Being more direct in your approach to contacting potential buyers shouldn’t be traded for cutting the most important corners in building a relationship.

And that will be the case in business until the day humans cease to exist – because business is only ever a reflection of one thing: the people that it is created by.

Short cuts are great when they can save us time and resources, but are highly detrimental when they are introduced at the sacrifice of what makes great business to begin with. 

Harness the technology that allows you to extend your capabilities in adding human value to your buyer without sacrificing the real reason they have connected with you in the first place – no more, no less.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the methodology that ensures you are creating in-depth, human connections and substantial conversions with your buyers. Download your TPM Beginner’s Guide below:


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