After the release of Episode 1: The Fear and Episode 2: The Patience of ‘All You Do is Talk’ the amount of feedback we have received from viewers about their own business ideas has risen significantly.

This is great to see, and is an exciting time for anyone brave enough to embrace the unknown world of business ownership.

However, the trend appears to be that for every one person ready throw caution to the wind and give it a go, there are at least ten more with an excuse as to why they can’t take that first step yet.

It’s evident for so many that all the stars need to align first before they feel as though they can take any action – and until then just the comfort having a ‘great idea’ is enough.

Everything needs to be in order, every single loose end needs to be tied up before they actually get started on building their dream for themselves and their buyers-to-be.

This think pattern is inherently faulty – it’s a false assumption through which to decide upon business ownership

Because unfortunately the harsh truth is that those stars are never going to readily align.

There will never the perfect order in one’s environment that allows them to take action.

Put simply, there’s never a ‘right time’ to get started.

We can all find reasons or excuses for not getting started on a business idea if we look hard enough – but at the end of the day what we ultimately find is that everyone has their downfalls.

Everyone has their mistakes, their time challenges, their money obstacles.

We’re all vulnerable up in our own unique way.

Just not everyone chooses to entertain the idea that those problems alone are enough to convince them to get going on building their own business.

The strange thing about excuses however is that when we are in the moment of living through them, they can seem uncannily real.

Emotionally and logically they can appear to bare such a level of legitimacy that they freeze us into a state of inaction.

It is critical to understand that those fears and ‘legitimate reasons’ all begin to fall away in the course of taking action.

As we learned in Episode 1 of All You Do is Talk the fears never actually go away – however they are replaced with higher quality problems and concerns associated with differing levels of business growth.

But they only change form when we take action.

Action, of any kind when you start, is the key to realising those fears were never near as dark and dangerous as you once thought they were.

What is just one action you can take today towards making that business idea of yours a reality?

Is there one person you can talk to? One concept you can Google? One product you can create starting right now?

Go for it, and watch as your concept of an excuse rapidly changes before your eyes.


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