The fears, insecurities and uncertainties we hold as human beings in the professional realm are universal and expansive regardless of the career path we choose.

And all it took was a 5 minute episode of All You Do is Talk to make it evident.

The previous couple of months have seen massive levels of emotional swing on the spectrum of indescribable elation to downright depletion for both Darcy J Smyth (Creator and Lead Trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales) and Alex Storer (Director of AWS Productions).

And luckily for the viewers, the unforgiving lens of AWS Productions was there to capture it all.

But what the camera wasn’t able to capture was potentially the most startling aspect of the entire All You Do is Talk experience.

What the camera wasn’t able to capture was the impact that it had on the large majority of viewers that were hooked from 3 seconds in.

What the camera wasn’t able to capture was the evident emotion stirred within the audience that could apparently so easily relate to what they were seeing – regardless of their professional and career standpoint.

What the camera wasn’t able to capture was the reactions of the people.

In Episode 1: The Fear the narrative follows Darcy and Alex as they describe the unavoidable hurdle of fear as a business owner and the acceptance of the fact that it isn’t going away.

The fear that holds so many back from taking action comes in many forms and almost all of them find a way to protrude their ugly head in the world of business ownership.

Wondering what others think, deliberating over whether our idea is worth it, moving away from particular people in life and the fear of getting it wrong weave their way throughout the narrative as the two young men wrestle with the silver lining that must be there to make the journey worth it. 

As Alex describes: “You’re going to get over those feelings sooner or later, it might as well be now.”

Truer words were never said, and with true words come real emotions – not just from the business owners on screen but also in the viewers at home, with comments and messages flooding in as the shares and tags began to slowly climb

“SO GOOD. Honest and inspiring. I think I need to watch this every day to get a move on.” “Awesome! Love it. That fear never goes away either but when you are in it, just try to remember that the good stuff is still there waiting its turn.”

“Yesssssss. Nailed it. This shows what you are doing you’re doing for a reason.”

But what were just as surprising were the comments both Darcy and Alex received in private from the people that could relate to the ongoing, extensive and practically daily fear they experience just by being human.

For every comment on the video of support, agreement and praise there were just as many that happened behind closed doors.

Which in itself is an alarming stat.

It appears the raw nature of All You Do is Talk is considered ‘out of the norm’ – meaning that its uncommon for people to feel comfortable enough to let the world know how they’re feeling.

Whether in business or general life, that’s a problem.

It’s a problem that people are afraid to speak up, to ask for help, or to exist outside of the ordinary when it comes to going for what they want.

Essentially, it’s a shame that people are fearful of fear.

And its one of the main reasons that both Darcy and Alex continued to bring the honesty and blunt truth to episode 2.

Did you miss Episode 1: The Fear? Click here to watch it now.

In Episode 2: The Patience the viewer is exposed to yet another slap-in-the-face of the brutal reality in business that makes it clear there is no such thing as an ‘overnight success’.

Patience isn’t sexy and it doesn’t sell – which is potentially why so many business owners fail to recognise its impact in the path to success. It may also be why the episode itself spoke directly to the hearts and minds of its viewers in a way that very few have before.

The viewer watches as both Alex and Darcy peel back the social layer of manners and courtesy to tell it how they perceive it to really be.

With a tone that suggests the question of ‘when are people going to wake up to this?’ Darcy explains to the camera that “no one is buying be patient, work hard, do the little things day in day out, have an emotional roller coaster every day… And you’ll be sweet! No one buys that! So it doesn’t sell and so a lot of the time people don’t realise what they’re getting themselves into.”

This is bluntly backed up with one of a series of universally true statements around which the theme of the episode centers as Darcy goes on to say: “If people knew what it took to be in business, they wouldn’t get into business in the first place.”

And of course, as with the first episode, the responses from the audience started rolling in:

“Ah what a great message. Soooooo true. All of it.”

“This is nothing but truth.”

“This is amazing gents. So relatable and I much rather hear this raw truth rather than anything else.” “Cannot express how important this message is… thank you”

And as with the first episode of course there were more messages of thank you and appreciation behind closed doors, with a flavour of desire for Episode 3 as soon as possible. 

In a world where so many people want it all easy and they want it now, this episode struck a chord with those that have realised that life simply doesn’t work that way for most business owners.

Did you miss Episode 2: The Patience? Click here to watch it now.

Patience is key in the modern business world, there’s no doubt about it.

And patience is what the growing audience of All You Do is Talk will be practicing as they anticipate Episode 3 just around the corner.

The delivery will be raw, honest and upfront.

The production quality will be through the roof.

The episode topic, however, will remain hidden as the suspense builds for the next message of truth that so many in the business world evidently desire.


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