Episode 3 of All You Do is Talk: ‘The Opportunity’ was released approximately 10 days ago and the response that it has received has been surprising to say the least.

And for that, the gentlemen at All You Do is Talk feel significantly compelled to say a huge ‘Thank You’ even though the words themselves will never do it justice.

It was a pleasant surprise to see it being shared extensively on social media, and of course just as pleasant to watch as the comments of home-hitting truths rolled in.

Did you miss Episode 3: ‘The Opportunity’? Click here to watch it now.

But what was most surprising of all was how much a chord this stuff is striking with not just business owners and entrepreneurs, but with anyone who believes their talents are somewhat underutilised in their current career situation.

And as much as the thank you stems from us to you, it was also received back in droves.

The ‘thank you’ that we received so from so many was not just indicative of a well-made video with well-formed, hard-hitting speeches and coffee shop cutaways but was also indicative of a generation that all has one thing in common:

That we are all uncertain about parts of our lives.

The ‘thank you’ that pushed itself out of so many people wasn’t a thank you for releasing another video or adding value on the topic of business. It was a thank you for normalising one’s feelings.

It was a thank you for understanding that the world right now is a bit of a strange one, and it’s OK to give something a go that others would typically be surprised by.

It wasn’t a thank you for the sake that it may have been motivating or inspiring, but a thank you for allowing people to motivate and inspire themselves.

And that’s really what gratitude is all about at the end of the day, isn’t it? We get just as much as from giving as we do receiving, and when an episode like this is released we all get better together.

So from the strapping, probably-annoying-by-now, young lads at All You Do is Talk…

Thank you.


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