It’s likely that every generation has sat back at one stage and thought ‘wow, our generation is so different to our parents, we have X, Y and Z when they never did.’

And the current generation that is heading into the career and workforce is no different – except for one radical invention making all the difference.

The internet.

The creation of the internet has increased the speed of technology, innovation and communication in ways that generations before could never have even fathomed, and although the invention of the radio or TV must have seemed like a game-changer to their respective generations, they are only classified as a blip on the radar in the context of the internet. 

And what this has done is two things;

One – Created incomprehensible opportunities to live out our careers in a myriad of ways.

And two – Destroyed the map we would typically have used to guide our actions in knowing that we are ‘doing life the way it’s supposed to be done’.

Generations past, in one relative way or another, had some form of plan laid out for them. If ever one felt off-track they could simply take a look at what their parents did and guide themselves back to that relative track accordingly.

The typical path of finish school, go to university, get a job, build a white picket fence and have two children was the go-to, and no one really knew any different. After all, why would they? And where were they even going to get the information required to even begin knowing any different? The 6.00pm news? Doubtful at least and impossible at most.

But now the evidently narrow walls of life that society had so kindly built up for us have not just widened in size, they’ve been torn down completely and turned into ash.

They simply no longer exist.

Pretty exciting isn’t it? Well, you’d think so.

But for many it isn’t perceived that way.

For many this is the unconscious cause of substantial uncertainty and anxiety. What better way to experience an existential crisis than to be armed with the knowledge that practically no one knows that happens from this point forward.

And it’s largely because the technology of today has moved forward rapidly, while the thinking of the people with the opportunity has not.

For the modern human mind interacting with the technology afforded to it, tomorrow is a mystery and that becomes even more true with each new moon that rises.

But for the risk-positive, opportunistic thinkers of the current day, this new generation of uncertainty and adventure is a playground that has no expiry date – and they’re taking full advantage.

They are riding the wave of trying new things, making mistakes, falling over once and getting up twice as they know that there is no longer any ‘right way’ to do things.

And in terms of their career satisfaction, personal aspirations and core human need for adventure, its paying off.

So as you look forward to where you want to be in the near future, you’ll notice that you have a number of ideas or beliefs around what’s possible and what’s not – but simply remember to ask yourself whether those limits exist in the minds of generations past where technology such as the internet failed to exist, or the mind of your future self where the rules of how we are meant to live life are simply no longer relevant.

This can be an anxious time, or it can be an exciting time. Whichever you choose, the world will still keep rolling and respond accordingly to your choice.


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