We’re about to make a bold claim here, and we welcome the disagreement or criticism – however we have a sneaking suspicion there won’t be much of it

Unless you’re in business yourself, whatever you think it means to be ‘in business’ is completely wrong.

When you think of a ‘businessperson’ what is the first image that shoots to your head?

Are they short or tall? Male or female? Dominant or passive?

Traditional thought would suggest that the typical idea of a businessperson that sprung up in your mind is a dominant male in a pinstripe suit, sufficiently suiting tie and a classy (preferably gold) watch to go with it.

But the truth of the matter is those that are running their own business are sitting back wondering where this ideal ever even came from. And whilst they’re wondering, I assure you only a small amount of them are dominant males sporting the Rolex.

The aesthetic identity of ‘business owner’ has changed significantly over the past 10 years not from one thing to another, but from one thing to… practically anything.

Tattooed-up photographers generating revenue through selling their photos to companies using Instagram.

High-school dropouts selling guitar lessons online from their computer chair, all the while sitting comfortably in their new winter pair of tracksuit pants.

Track-athletes driving all over their home city selling the latest protein powder or recovery technology to those eager to get the edge on their opponents.

Being a business owner in the modern world comes in a literally endless range of forms – including the emotional, physical and spiritual state you, yourself, are in right now – and this only becomes more truthful as the world chooses to embrace a career lifestyle that values freedom and inner satisfaction over the grey office space and comfort-driven pay packet.

If you’re waiting until you feel as though you’re ready to ‘be a business owner’ then you’re going to be waiting a long while before you realise that there was no right time to feel it at all, and that you can be it whenever you damn well please.

Business just ain’t what it used to be – and now it can be whatever you want it to be, for you.


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