If you’re reading this as a business owner, its rather safe to say that we look each other in the eye right now and admit to ourselves:

We don’t tend to operate within the norms of traditional societal thinking.

We don’t tend to like the comfort of everything being the same and we would certainly rather be thrown in the deep end than tread water in the shallows.

If something isn’t broken, then we’d rather break it and make it better again for no other reason than we simply have the compulsion to do so.

Put simply, at the end of the day we’re just a little bit strange, a bit different, a bit left of centre.

And we just wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because although we know that the majority of us don’t fit into preconceived ideas of societal or career-orientated norms, we also know that one of the most incredible parts of this business journey we have prescribed for ourselves is in fact the people. 

The people we meet and come into contact with as business owners truly do occupy each section on the spectrum from downright weird to intriguingly inspiring, often with such qualities as these all rolled into the one person.

And as if their personality traits weren’t enough, the stories behind how they have come to be where they are today are most often followed with ups, downs, challenges, losses, failures, triumphs and successes that it can be difficult to find in any other corner of the human race.

People that have been told they are too young, too old, too boring, too stupid, or all of the above.

But when these people get to hang around like-minded individuals who have experienced similar journeys, anything is possible.

There’s nothing more liberating than hanging around with other business owners who get what it’s like to see opportunity where others see a brick wall.

To see a challenge to be overcome where others see a hole in the future they’re just going to have to manage.

To enjoy feeling the rush of the unknown where others revel in the security of ultimate consistency in their immediate surroundings (and will fight tooth and nail to keep it that way)

And although it can feel a bit out of place when we first start on the business journey as we break away from the form of thinking we have subscribed to in previous years of our life, we know more and more with each day that unfolds we now wouldn’t have things any other way.

Going back to the norm just isn’t in our DNA, and as a collective group of often-strange humans we would rather keep it that way.

Back to being different for now…

P.S. Planning and filming are in motion for Episode 4 of All You Do is Talk. Keep your eyes peeled for pre-launch as it rolls out. Get curious, it will be worth it. 


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