As humans in the modern world we invest significant time and energy into deep-seated fears that no longer apply to us in the current social landscape.

Our heart pounds and our hands sweat at the thought of public speaking as we have inherited the idea from our ancestors of being lost from a tribe as a threat to our survival in the harsh Savannah.

We buy things we don’t need as a way of filling the uncomfortable void of uncertainty – behaviours and actions that mimic the survival tactics of our primal descendants.

Many of our fears and behaviours seem so irrational in the modern social and business landscape yet we continue to do them to our own impairment any way.

But here’s the thing, we are still now displaying behaviours that no longer serve to close sales and generate revenue for our business in the current buyer-driven market – behaviours that were relevant 20 years ago, but lack effectiveness in the digital age of buying and selling.

In the same way our deep-seated primal fears should no longer apply by all logical accounts in the current day, our sales strategies and techniques are also becoming outdated to a detrimental extent – yet we continue to employ them.

Allow me to explain:

Realisation #1: The Internet is still in infancy, and its power is incomprehensible.

Have you ever sat back and pondered what this thing called the ‘Internet’ actually is?

What it truly allows us to do? What it essentially means for the human race at large?

The Internet itself is relatively still so young, yet the possibilities and opportunities it opens up for us as business and sales people are nothing short of monumental.

So why are so many people still aiming to run business and sell like we are living in a pre-satellite era?

Why are so many budding entrepreneurs acting as if they have to generate business like their parents did?

The successful modern seller understands and utilises the power of the online world in a way that allows them to make money in new ways every single day.

Whether it is to network, market or sell in the business environment it is crucial to understand that the ability and depth to which we can do these things is far different to what it was just 10 years ago – and that rapid technological trend is only speeding up.

As a professional sales trainer and business owner, I’m constantly taking the time to assess where potential prospects are hanging out both offline and online. It is easier than ever to connect and create relationships with potential buyers, JV partners or investors if you know where to add value.

I’m continuously leveraging the Internet to automate the tasks and requirements of growing my business such as social media marketing, sales funnels and email list building. I know it seems obvious to some, but so many modern (and old-school) business owners are falling behind the 8-ball when it comes to harnessing every inch of their online world for automated results.

Just as the idea of going out and hunting our own prey as we did the caveman era seems ludicrous, so does the idea of thinking your sales numbers will flourish without an online presence.

Realisation #2: The power lies with the consumer more than ever.

This realisation of the modern successful sales master has become more and more apparent as the advertising giant of social media continues to specifically tailor the pleasurable stimuli for its individual users.

As sales people, it is now up to the consumer to tell us why they need our product or service as opposed to the other way around.

Packing up our presentations and sales pitches in our old kit bag to hit the streets is a thing of the distant past, and now those that give the most value up front to solve specific problems for their buyers are the ones experiencing the success.

Hard work is no longer enough as it needs to be coupled with smart and strategic action for maximum effect in influencing the mind of the ever-powerful buyer.

Just having a great product and perfecting our pitch will only take us a quarter of the way at most towards business success.

The rest of the effort lies in knowing exactly how to reach our buyer at their level – on terms they understand.

If they don’t feel taken care of in terms of their needs being met, they are only ever one thumb swipe or left-click away from choosing our competitor.

If you are losing out to the competition, its simply because you don’t understand your buyer’s needs as well as the business down the road. The quicker you can tap into this realisation, the greater your returns will be when harness the power of taking care of your buyers in the most modernistic of ways.

Struggling to figure out exactly what your audience wants? There are a few strategies you can implement right now:

Notice the trends of your content:
The success and the spread of our content tells us a lot about what our audience wants to hear. Take note of the blog posts, statuses or tweets that your prospective buyers are engaging further with. What were you sharing/writing about? What patterns are you noticing? Do more of that.

Piggyback on your ideal buyer’s other interests:
One of the best ways to show your buyer that you are here for them is to demonstrate that ‘because you like X, I know that means you also like Y’. If you can be the business that respects and appreciates more of your buyer’s world than just your specific product, you become known the buyer’s mind as someone that always gives more value than what is paid for.

At the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, we know a lot of people are aiming to sell more so that they can live a better lifestyle as business owners or ‘solopreneurs’. For this reason, our sales strategies blogs often link up with how knowing a particular sales strategy will help them create a lifestyle they are after. What does a particular sales strategy have to do with international travel opportunities? Enough for it to be put into a readable content piece!

Simply ask them:
You’d be surprised how honest a buyer will be if you give them permission to be. Take a moment to think about your most loyal buyers, and what would you like to ask them? Why did they buy from you over anyone else? How was their buying experience overall? How could it be improved?Then also feel free to ask those that didn’t buy similar questions in the opposite direction: What is your product or service missing? What would make it a no-brainer purchase in the future? Where can it be improved?

Realisation #3: As our relationships become more digital, the businesses that can create genuine touch points with their buyers will win the game.

Have you also noticed the culture that Facebook has created around how we celebrate birthdays now?

As a close friend, a phone call 10 years ago on someone’s birthday wasn’t just a privilege, it was an expected birthright.

Now, all that is required is a quick post on a Facebook wall, and the social world will appear to be in order.

Fast-forward today’s world, and if we take it one step further to send them a private message they’ll feel pretty special.

A phone call and they’ll remember it for the next year to come.

Visit them at their house, and they’ll think they are involved in the closest friendship the world has seen to date!

It’s important to realise in the current business and social arena that the deeper we go with our prospective buyers to create genuine and authentic relationships, the more success we will experience through raving fans that need to tell their friends and family about us.

Running on the evolutionary theme, there remains highly ingrained biases and necessities in the human psyche that require its fulfilment of connection from other humans. We are largely tribal creatures, after all.

The business owners and sales masters that are able to create strong relationships will thrive in a world where the human brain craves a sense of community, support and connection.

Be the business that makes the metaphorical call on the birthday, that goes the extra mile, and that creates the extra touch point where they didn’t need to.

Be the sales jet that pays for the coffee at the business meeting, the one that touches base to find out how they are enjoying your product- even after they’ve already bought.

Take the time to go over and above when no one would notice even if you didn’t.

Your revenue in this intriguing modern business playground will thank you for it.

Darcy J Smyth is the creator and lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to help you close sales without having to revert back to the Hard Sell that turns so many away in the modern business landscape – and become a persuasion master instead.


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