There is a significant pressing issue facing the modern sales training world and subsequent salespeople that religiously dive in to the mass of content and knowledge available on the topic.

Ironically for the topic of sales, if you are not providing the solution you are unfortunately part of the problem.

The danger: Traditional sales training has focused on ‘what to say’ for far too long now.

We have all heard it before: “If the prospect says X then its simple, just reply with Y and they will most often come back with Z”.

There aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to describe the ineffectiveness of such an old-school approach.

The issue with this is not only does not take into account individual buying differences that we see in prospective buyers, but it also presupposes that that the salesperson learning the right lines to say is the most important thing.

The result: Prospective buyers can see the cheesy, outdated sales lines coming from a mile away – and they deserve better.

We as professional sales and business people need to be a shining example of treating each individual prospective buyer with the attention and care they require. By assuming that a throw-away line will be a successful one-size-fits-all approach to increasing sales in your business is a recipe for disaster in the modern era and so it should be.

The availability of what is taught in traditional sales trainings can be found anywhere online these days, meaning the best sales teams and companies are considering this knowledge to be ‘a given’ in the modern selling landscape and are moving towards fresh approaches that caters for their market.

If you are new to sales, a book or two on traditional sales approaches may be a good start, but you should always be looking for the most up-to-date trainings and resources. If you are an experienced seller, you’ll know the importance of this attitude and approach to your own growth and subsequent results.

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The solution: Ensure your next investment in a sales training is worthwhile by ensuring it has a significant point of difference.

This is perhaps more true for sales training in the modern day than any other industry because the way we buy and sell as a human race is a clear reflection of what we are generally valuing at any given point in time

By changing the way we sell to our prospective buyers we essentially teach them how to respond to our product or service’s overall experience, so by continuing to find ways to improve this we show our prospective buyer that we are committed to finding new ways to serve them.

When enquiring into the next way to keep your sales team (even if its just you) up to speed with the most effective methods and concepts in selling, ensure to ask the question “what truly makes you different?” – if this question can’t be answered then keep looking.

A sales trainer that is passionate about what makes them different will be able to answer the question confidently and devotedly.

And hopefully (for your sake and theirs) sell it to you with class and professionalism.

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