Beginning a new business venture comes with it more questions built in than we can ever have the conscience to conceive – and even the ones we can ponder to ourselves can seem overwhelming and all-consuming at times.

We wonder whether we’ll be good enough, whether we’ll make a success of ourselves, whether we’ll create the lifestyle we desire or whether our business will go on to have a significant impact on the world.

We fear economic conditions – both close to home and across expanded markets and time zones. We fear what others will think and and we fear what it will mean if we fail.

But regardless of the the ponderings, fears, wonderments and questions we experience as new business owners, one thing remains rather predictable and clear. No matter how you look at it, when we first start out in business the thoughts that surround our place within it are typically revolving around only one person: ourselves.

Put simply, when we first start in business… in our own mind, it’s all about us. 

And rightfully so – being new to business can be scary to say the least, the beginning of the journey rife with uncertainty as we learn the majority of our lessons the hard way, each of them strengthening us in their own unique yet justified way. 

The focus needs to be on us somewhat, as we need to tick off the boxes that ensure our safety in such an otherwise unfamiliar and uncertain environment that business ownership creates.

But as we start to generate the results that can be interpreted as successful – meaning those that help to replace those original doubting fears with empowering self-confidence and a sense of control over the direction of our business – we start to see business through a new lens, and often one that assists us in taking the focus off ourselves and our own survival.

The initial uncertainty of where we stand in the business world begins to clarify itself, the issue of money and cash flow becomes more manageable and the requirements to create success in our given market becomes more predictable and we free up our focus to move from all about us, to how to serve others.

Put simply, as we make our way through business… we begin to realise that the less we focus on ourselves, the better we are in business.

This is where true, long-term business success stems from because the more we focus on others, the more we can meet their needs.

And the more we meet their needs, the more growth as a business owner (and a business) we experience as we continue to expand both the needs that require meeting, and the manner in which they are met as a whole. By continuing to find new ways to make it about others, we adopt a style of thinking highly conducive to successful business growth and innovation, because we become the ultimate example of supply and demand.

It is through this understanding that we slowly begin to gain the edge over our own ego – the self-serving mind mechanism required to keep us safe, among many other self-preserving and self-serving traits.

But the aim of business isn’t to serve ourselves – if that were the case then our focus would only ever remain internal and our impact on others would remain at a literal zero. The aim of business is continually find new ways to serve others, to solve problems for them and to move us forward as a human race towards a greater way of living.

The aim of business is contribute to others in a way that solves their most pressing problems and allows them to lead a higher quality of life.

Essentially, the aim of business is to see others live a better life with our business in it than if our business didn’t exist.

And put simply, we are on a journey from thinking life is about us to eventually realising that it’s not – and business sufficiently serves to create a highly powerful environment conducive to making that happen.

That is the inevitable journey through the ego that every business owner must travel.

So with this in mind, how can you shift your focus from yourself, onto others today? The growth that is sitting on the other side of such a decision is immense and unlike any other growth you’ll ever experience.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you’re closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business world. Download your Beginner’s Guide below:


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