The quality of your answer to this question will directly correlate with the dollar amount in your bank account.

Your ability to assess the importance of this notion will have a significant impact on your entire business career.

Your sense of fulfillment through contribution to others lies squarely in your knowledge of this single piece of information.

Sorry to put the pressure on so early in the piece here, but the importance of this question is paramount to success in business and sales, and too many people have been getting their wires crossed recently in trying to answer it.

Which of course is fine because we’re all learning, but I want to make this ridiculously clear for anyone moving forward. You need to be able to answer the following question with absolute clarity and certainty:

“What problem do you solve?”

That’s all. Just 5 words – I’ll repeat for dramatic effect:


What You Do vs The Problem You Solve

The way you actually solve a problem for people is not the same thing as ‘the problem you solve’.

You need to ask yourself:

Why are people actually coming to me?

What graspable, perceivable, tangible problem are people actually having that means they know to call YOU to have that problem overcome?

What is actually happening in their world, right now, in real-time that tells them something needs to change?

How you actually solve that problem is irrelevant in sales and marketing terms. People aren’t coming to you initially because you ‘solve the problem in a particular way’.

People want to speak with someone first and foremost that ‘solves the problem’. That’s all.

I’ll give you an example to solve the problem of any confusion you might have right now:

If you run a travel company, the problem you are solving has nothing to do with the fact that you can get faster quotes on airfares than any other company.

That’s simply a unique selling point. That’s a vehicle for serving your customer.

The problem that you actually solve is taking care of all the hard work and confusion of booking an entire overseas trip.

The problem people are having is that it “all seems like there’s a lot to do and I’d rather if someone else could organise all of this for me.’

Your pitch is not “We have the fastest contact capabilities with all the major airlines so you should book with us”.

Your pitch is “We take all the hassle and confusion out of your overseas trip and take care of all the details for you.”


THAT is solving a problem, now your ideal buyers are listening.

Another example:

If you are perhaps a motivational, leadership or business coach, again ask yourself the question:

“What is the real, tangible challenge my prospects are facing right now, that I can show them how to overcome?”

The answer is NOT that they are lacking confidence, that their team isn’t motivated or that they have never used a personality profiling tool before.

The answer is something completely different. The answer is the REAL problem to be solved that they are actually experiencing – the thing that low confidence, an unmotivated team and a lack of self-awareness knowledge results in…

An example would be a high staff turnover. That’s a problem.

Another example would be 40% less referral-based business than last year. That’s a huge problem.

And another example would be an inability to decipher who one’s specific target market is. That my friends, is a problem.

So again, now instead of your pitch being “I’m in the coaching industry and I offer personality profiling.”

Your pitch now becomes “I work with businesses that are experiencing more than 20% staff turnover annually, with the aim to have that number back below 5%”.

Or how about this… “As a motivational coach I help you create a career that fits into your lifestyle, not the other way around.”

Helping them with their confidence, self-belief, team communication or which personality profile they are is HOW you solve the problem.

Stop leading your pitch with your HOW.

HOW you do what you do has no context unless it is described in a way that related to the problem you actually solve.

The Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales teaches people to sell through the use of highly persuasive vocal tonality, language patterns and influential mindsets.

That is the HOW of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales. But it means nothing until I tell you it solves the problem of teaching people how to sell who don’t want to have to revert back to the ‘Hard Sell’.

Now you know the problem it solves, now you’re listening. Especially if you want to make sales but don’t want to force and push others into an uncomfortable decision.

Notice the difference?

Solve problems. Your income will thank you immensely for it.

Darcy J Smyth is creator and lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a revolutionary sales training that teaches you how to persuade without having to revert back to the ‘Hard Sell’. You can download the Tonal Persuasion Method Beginner’s Guide for free and start capitalising on this powerful method right HERE.


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