We are all trustworthy people – or at least we’d like to think so for ourselves.

We are all acting with the best of intentions and we are all here to help our buyers have a great experience with our service first and foremost.

So how come just knowing it ourselves isn’t enough to ensure it for our buyers too?

Shouldn’t they know we have their best intentions at heart? Surely a poor buying experience in the past shouldn’t be enough to turn them away from buying into our service today, right?

Unfortunately, not – and the requirement to build rapid trust with our buyers from the get-go is growing daily as the amount of competitors in the market fighting for our buyers’ attention skyrockets.

The ability for us to let our buyer know we care for them, are here to solve their problems first and foremost and are ultimately a trustworthy sales professional is really where we need to be investing our time and energy into improving our sales game.

Because when we are trustworthy, we can call the play.

And when we can call the play, we get to decide how and when our sales are made – the ultimate mindset space for any results-driven business owner.

So how do we show our buyer within even the first minutes of conversing with them that we are an authority to be trusted, an advisor whose decisions can be associated with confidence and clarity?

The solution here is key, and should be kept in every business owner’s mind whose aim is to close higher and higher rates of consultative sales:

When we can verbalise for our buyers what they can sense within themselves, but not language yet, they will then find us trustworthy.

Our buyers are coming to us because they are unsure of something – if they had all the certainty in the world required to make a decision then they wouldn’t need to touch base with us as the sales professional.

So the fact that we even have the chance to converse with them suggests a level of uncertainty in their current buying mind.

That uncertainty is what we want to be able to language to them, in order to achieve rapid trust.

Put simply, we want to be able to ‘call the play’ by articulating their problems to them in a way that they didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to do for themselves before they started speaking with us.

We want to be able to predict the problems they are currently having, and then execute by outlining to them how our service is the perfect match for them moving forward.

It is in this manner that sales becomes a true form of leadership, and the ability for others to trust us as the leaders of their decisions becomes a ‘no-brainer’ choice.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to help you close sales in your business without having to revert back to high-pressure, forceful selling that turns so many buyers away in the modern market.


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