For those that haven’t heard the story of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, you’ll have been uninformed until now of how the concept itself was initially formed, and how a simple BBC documentary on the workings of the human brain ultimately lead to its creation.

No one should have to go through such turmoil any longer than they have to, so allow me to fill you in…

As a young lad of no more than 10 years old, I found myself lazily channel surfing one Saturday morning with no more intent than to cure my boredom before the rain outside had stopped and life could resume.

At this stage I had about as much fascination with people and how they operate as any other young, social creature. My knowledge and vocabulary for what made humans tick spread as far and wide as what I knew to say to perturb my older brother to the point of an inevitable sibling rivalry, and a physical one at that.

But scrolling through the channels I found myself in an area of the channel numbers I’d never particularly ventured into before – away from the commercial, highly paid TV stations with their flashy advertising and HD quality picture – and into the depths of the previously unchartered public TV arena of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Typically, a 10-year-old wouldn’t find much interest in such an average station as the ABC, being too old for the children’s cartoons the station prides itself in but not old enough to be interested in the educational programs typically reserved for sophisticated, curious adults.

One could say the ABC is where a 10 year old‘s entertainment factor goes to die.

That was until this one particular morning, where channel surfing through the ABC resulted in the image on screen of a digitally created, moving image of the human brain as a man’s voice explained to the viewer what was occurring in this imaginary setting.  

The image showed what appeared to be an energetic message, seemingly passing from one brain cell – as the narrator of the documentary defined it, a ‘neuron’ – to another brain cell without actually needing to touch each other in a process that apparently happens in brain cells all over the brain, an unimaginable times a second on their way to eventually creating our perspective on the world around us.

Pretty cool, hey?

I personally was gobsmacked, and sat up in my seat immediately. Something about the image – coupled with the cellular level process that was being explained – intrigued me to an extent I’d never experienced before. From that point forward, I had to know more about this ‘brain’ organ and how it operates.

And when I say ‘more’ – what I really mean is I had to know everything.

And so began a love affair with the human brain, the ‘mind’ which we tend to believe is created by it, the human behaviour that occurs as a result of its processes and how it ultimately creates our subjective experiences of reality that we so often take for granted.

From that day forward, the human brain became the most fascinating topic on the planet to this 10-year-old and became a focus of where I knew I wanted my life to go.

To make a long story short, this love for the human mind eventually lead me to study its astounding features at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia through a degree in psychological and psychophysiological sciences – long words that really meant the study of the brain and what the causes are behind human behaviour. 

I had full intentions of becoming a qualified psychologist – in which specific area I wasn’t sure yet, but I knew that my career was locked in to be in the field of psychology – as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow, I was destined to be committed to the human brain and all that is involved in its inner workings.

And for those that have followed the story of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales (or its concepts) you’ll obviously know – that 10-year-old eventually ended up becoming a sales trainer – but it was never planned to end up that way.

Before getting into sales, it was one of the last things I could ever imagine myself getting into. ‘Sales’ was still very much a dirty word, and the idea of money being the most important thing in the world was nothing short of a ludicrous ideal.

But shortly after completing this university course, I was the offered a job working for a company that lead me to my first sales role – selling personal and professional development courses to small business owners looking to take their careers to a new level, and lo and behold, after initially feeling ‘forced’ into make a few sales here and there… I started to like it.

Really like it.

Something clicked for me (or, with me) about the field of sales and I found myself getting deeper and deeper into what it ultimately meant to be ‘in sales’. But it wasn’t just the fact that hitting targets felt great and working in a motivated team challenged me to become better each and every day, it was the fact that I realised something underneath the surface about sales.

I realised it was the ultimate reflection of human decision making and what causes us to behave the way we do.

I came to learn that sales was about so much more than ‘getting money’ from people and came to realise it was one of the cleanest forms of energy exchange for adding value to other people. And on top of that, I learned that ‘adding value’ really meant adhering to the pleasures of the human mind better than any other sales professional or company could.

I essentially came to realise that to know selling, is to know what makes us human.

My love of psychology had lead me not necessarily to become a psychologist – but to a field that was even closer to the bone of the human condition than any other field, and that was selling.

From there, the rest as they say is history. It was after leaving this specific job that the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales was created as way to help business owners close sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ not just because I knew how to teach others the art of sales success, but because I knew it was such an undeniable reflection of human behaviour, the human mind, and the processes that were no different to those two brain cells communicating with each other seen on the ABC all those years ago.

I often wonder what might have happened if it weren’t raining outside on that Saturday morning, or if I’d had waited just 5 more seconds before changing the channel and missing the most powerful episode of anything on TV I’d ever see.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so any buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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