As a business owner, growth happens in ways that can truly astound us.

In amounts we never expected, ways that we never saw coming, ways that we didn’t know existed and ways that we thought were possible for everyone else (but not us, surely?)

We grow in areas we never would have thought were suited to us, we connect with people we never would have thought we would come into contact with, and every day throws us at a new challenge to be solved that would have been the last thing on yesterday’s mind.

We can grow with each new interaction we have – we may not necessarily be able to see it for ourselves but we can sense it within.

We feel as though we’re getting better, we sense that our next great achievement is around the corner and we experience the intuition that tells us we’re on the right track. And these feelings are all fantastic in their appropriate dosages, sure…

But believe it or not, if our sales growth remains this way it can actually be one of the greatest hindrances to our sales success moving forward.

Because one of the most overlooked factors in determining our own sales success is that of external measurement.

So often, we get caught up in the emotion of what sales mean to us as a business owner that we forget to take to step back and clearly define and measure the progress we are making.

We become accustomed to knowing how we ‘felt’ about our week and allowing that to dictate whether or not it qualifies as a positive or negative 7 days. 

We allow our reactionary emotions as opposed to our responsive logic and rationale be the determinant of the sales success we experience.

What we are left with is an inability to determine if we are on track, off track, or need to create an entirely new track and get on that.

In terms of the sales success of our business, it is critical that we turn our internal emotions into external measurement of a result that we are aiming to achieve because it helps us to rapidly diagnose the gaps that need overcoming, and the strategies required to overcome them.

‘Measurement’ is the external evidence, the logical analysis, the numbers, facts and figures of the results we are achieving and they are paramount to the steady growth of any sales processes and results in business.

It is the steps, the processes, the strategy and the structure to achieving our clearly laid out and planned goals in the life of the business ahead.

Without measurement, we only ever have our feelings to go on in understanding the areas of our business that need to be upgraded, updated or capitalised upon – and there’s never been a business owner to this day that has taken their feelings to the bank.

Emotions and feelings are good – they let us know that we care about what we’re doing, that we’re excited to serve our ideal buyers, and that we’re passionate about the growth our business are experiencing.

But they become truly useful when we turn those emotional feelings into logical measurements.

Measure your progress, measure your outcomes, measure your goals, measure your growth and the question of whether you’re on track will never have to be one you’re left wondering about – simply look at the external measurements and the answer is all yours.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to ensure you are rapidly closing sales in a highly trusted and respectable manner, without he dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern sales world.


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