Being in a business that requires you to make your own sales comes with it an expansive range of advice – some of it unwanted, some of it helpful, much of it received from people who are yet to get in the trenches themselves (we’ve all been at the mercy of a conversation or two over Christmas lunch where we were given the ultimate business plan by the family member who has a new business idea every three months…)

It’s normal and of course it’s always delivered from our self-selected teacher with a positive intention, but it needs to be carefully monitored for reality in a world where the information that comes at us can often be unfounded.

This is particularly true when aiming to understand the most important thing to focus on when running a business – a highly advantageous concept to know due to its assistance in prioritising what to focus on moving forward.

You may have heard many opinions from others on the most important area of focus in business:

“To be successful in business, one must know their service back to front!” “To be successful in business, one must understand supply and demand!” “To be successful, one must utilise systems and processes!”

And there’s no denying that these are all admirable traits in the modern business owner, but unfortunately for many they become the first port of call when the major focus for success needs to be decided upon.

Because the examples; knowing your service, understanding supply and demand, appreciating systems and processes as well as a myriad of other various focus points are all secondary to the ultimate area of focus in successful business:

Knowing the psychology of your buyer.

If you understand the psychology of how we as a human race make buying decisions, then you have given yourself perhaps the greatest advantage available in business – a weapon that must be used responsibly due to its inherent power.

The making of sales (and the successful growing of a business) becomes highly predictable, because to understand the psychology of your buyer is to understand to the core how they ultimately make their buying decisions.

To understand how they make their buying decisions is to know how humans operate according to what they value most, and to know what human beings are valuing most at any one time is to be able to predict what they will be eager to spend their time and money on moving forward.

This allows the savviest of business owners the ability to create and deliver the most suitable products and services to their buyer in a way that lights them up – or, more importantly to the revenue-driven business owner, in a way that results in them telling their friends and family about their buying experience.

Essentially, knowing the psychology of your buyer and how they make their decisions gives you access to how to ‘make it all about your buyer’ – something that is essential in a modern world that enjoys asking ‘what’s in it for me?’ and understandably so, as the transactional world we live in becomes more and more customer-centric, customer-tailored and customer-specific.

It’s important to note here that this is yet again only another opinion in the long line of opinions about where our focus needs to be harnessed in the growth of our business, but it’s also important to note the objective truth of the fact that businesses are made to serve people.

And as long as there are people wanting to buy from you, the actions of those people will continue to be guided by their buying psychology.

So do yourself a huge favour in business and invest in knowledge that helps you understand the psychology of your buyers – it is the knowledge that continues to help you achieve a significantly positive Return on Investment as it can immediately be applied to your business in practical ways that help people make a great buying decision with you.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer and creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales. Learn more at


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