What Happens in Vegas Ends Up On a Blog


It’s May 2015 and I’ve just lost 45 hard earned bucks playing blackjack. It sucks but what this has done is provide me some time to sit down in this here casino and watch Vegas go by, analysing the side of human behaviour we have come to love so much: buying behaviour and decision making.


Blogging equals the ultimate revenge I say.


When I originally booked 5 nights in Vegas the most common responses I heard was “Oh really… that long?” and “Hmm… maybe a bit much don’t you think?” so with some fast thinking I brought it back to four – and I’m glad I did.


It’s big, its fun, its bright and your sensory neurons are firing at a rate of over-stimulation unlike I’ve experienced.


It’s LSD for a sober person.


But as far as creating a long-lasting, relationship-based experience goes, Vegas fails dismally.

I realise that’s not its intended purpose in the slightest, but it provides a great case study for us in the sales world and the lesson it provides for us is this:


Capturing attention and being different is only step one to attract a buyer, it needs to be backed up by a genuine care for our prospect otherwise they will hang around for (apparently) only four days max!


And what’s more, those four days could easily be spent ‘just looking’ without ever making a significant buying decision.


Being in Vegas is fun, its imaginative and plays on the idea of crazy nights you can tell your friends about (or blog about), but when it comes to getting real, getting down to business and creating a better life for our ourselves through making a great buying decision we can’t rely on the quick-fix solution that is found in Vegas and absent in the mind of the great consultative salesperson.


There is a reason the responses I received to the idea of a longer stay were precautionary and its because the people giving them were unconsciously aware of the fact that 5 days is too long to spend in a place that is void of true human connection. To be in a space however of absolute trust, care and rapport with another human is a place we could spend an eternity. These are the people we want to buy from when a big decision is coming up.

Then again, maybe I’m just pissed after losing 45 clams.


Either way, if you’re in sales (and we all are in one form or another) ensure the world of Las Vegas is on your bucket list. Observe this phenomenon for yourself, and do better at the tables than I did.


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