This could well be the most boring article you read this year (what a start…!) 

And if you have read past this sentence right here, congratulations – you’ll be among the minimal percent that are enticed by hearing what actually makes the difference in business success.

The others (the majority) saw the word boring and clicked back into their newsfeed, searching for the ‘quick-fix’ that promises them the ability to “drink mojitos on a beach in Thailand just by following this easy formula.”

But if you’re still here then you deserve to hear the words you needed to hear: 

Business success is boring.

Doing the little things day in and day out can be boring.

Taking care of the back-end admin can be boring.

Doing the banking can be boring.

Going to the extra networking event when it would be so much easier to watch a movie can be boring.

Doing the same consistent tasks day in, day out can be boring.

But (don’t you just love that word – ‘but’) it is what business and sales success is built on.

And it’s what the people who sell you the idea of ‘quick and easy’ don’t want you to know. Because if you knew how much effort it took to do the un-sexy things every single day then you’d probably never get into business.

In fact, entire economies are built on hoping you don’t actually see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of business success.

It really does tend to be one of those things you learn when you’re actually into the swing of things – when the ‘honeymoon period’ is over and there’s genuine work to be done, money to be made.

If you’re after glitz and glamour, you’ve come to the wrong place.

One of the greatest pieces of business advice I ever received was from a man named Marshall Thurber who suggested: ‘You’re going to create drama in your life, that’s normal. Just make sure you don’t create it in your business.’

What Marshall has to say is undeniably a concept that needs to be heard. 

Quite often we can indulge in an array of behaviours, thoughts and movements that would seem to sabotage our business success without any real need.

We procrastinate or put off the most important things and convince ourselves ‘it can wait for another day.’

We allow our mind to be attracted to the next shiny thing in business when we know our focus needs to remain on the task at hand.

Put simply, so many business owners make things harder for themselves than they really need to be.

This sales trainer believes it is because we feel the need to serve this desire for drama – for a bit of adventure or fun in an otherwise mundane arena.

The glitz and glamour of business comes as a result of knowing you’re living life and running a venture on your own terms, but it really doesn’t extend much further than that for the vast majority of business owners.

It’s about doing the do.

Day in, day out.

And then repeat.

Sorry to be the one to break the news.

So maybe it’s time to ask yourself: Are you creating unnecessary drama for the sake of excitement in your business?

If that’s the case then understand now: That is not the purpose of your business. 

Time to get back to it.

Darcy J Smyth is the creator and lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology designed to help you close sales without having to revert back to the Hard Sell that turns so many away in the modern business landscape – and become a persuasion master instead.


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