Please prime yourself to take in the full gravity of what you’re about to read.

The following words are as astounding and (when fully appreciated) as powerful as anything you’ll read in the field of sales, persuasion, influence and leadership.

Brace yourself:

If you’re told to think of a blue car, you can’t help but imagine it.

If you’re told to think of the sound of a wave in the ocean, you can’t help but imagine it.

If you’re told to imagine the taste of your mother’s best cooking, you can’t help but imagine that, either.

Even to intentionally not imagine it, you must first imagine it in order to know what not to imagine.

In fact, we can be caused to think about just about anything simply be being made aware of it.

Therefore, consider this:

What percentage of our thoughts are even really our own, and what percentage are a result of what we’ve been intentionally made aware of by someone in the know?

In fact, we can even take it a level deeper and ask: Where do our thoughts even come from?

Do we ever have our own original thought, or are our thoughts just a domino effect of previous stimuli we were made aware of by someone else?

Who put our thoughts into our mind?

If I tell you to imagine a blue car, is the blue car you’re imagining there because of me, the influencer, or you, the receiver of that influence?

At the start of this chapter, just a few lines above, I told you to ‘prime yourself to take in the full gravity of what you’re about to read’.

Therefore, you likely read this chapter with more intent and focus.

But was that your choice to do so?

Or was it a result of my influence on your mind, something that your mind had no choice but to accept due to simply being made aware?

Why does this matter?

Because it is here that all persuasion and influence starts.

Clever salespeople and marketers show us their ads and we can’t help but be influenced by them.

They make their mark on our minds whether we like it, hate it, are aware of it or try to ignore it.

And when persuasion and influence are present, thoughts can and will be changed.

And when thoughts are changed, sales are made.

In fact, all sales are made by changing people’s thoughts from one state to another.

If you can fully grasp just how massive of a revelation this is at its core, your perception of what it means to influence and be influenced will reach a height that so many will never experience.

People’s thoughts aren’t their own.

They’re someone else’s.

Your thoughts are not your own.

They’re someone else’s.

Your mind is just receiving them and experiencing them.

And you call that experience ‘me’.

Wine, anyone?

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer and creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, the methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.


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