I am constantly asked what the number one trait is I see in successful entrepreneurs, business and salespeople, what’s the magic bullet that – when we obtain it – transforms our entire sales game resulting in a perpetual state of consistent personal and company-wide record smashing.

The Holy Grail, The One Ring to Rule Them All, Tesla’s Blueprints.

…. KFC’s 11th Herb or Spice.

Rather than offer the quick fix one-word solution (the very desire that ironically renders the questioner behind the sustainable 8 ball sales approach already) it is a far greater service to offer the solution that encompasses three of the major traits held by all successful salespeople, all of which interact with each other to exude the charisma and charm that results in the proverbial ice being sold in bulk to the eskimoes.

The three traits you ask? Certainty, passion, and a big enough ‘why’.

The top results-generators are certain about why they are passionate about their product or service.

It is not just one of these qualities required for sales and business success; it is a tango involving all three in the most resourceful of fashions. We must play the never-ending game of balancing all three as the situation requires, regardless of how dire the situation can sometimes seem.

Our favourite historical figures – whatever their industry – have all been remembered for their success because they showed certainty in the face of everyone else’s doubt, and their certainty could only exist in a state of true passion driven by a big enough ‘why’ to ensure their goal was achieved. A true example of the underdog story is polished with these three traits and it is because we see ourselves in the underdog that we cheer for them. And so we should.

Having certainty about why we are so passionate ensures two things:

1. It helps us keep the promise we made to ourselves when we said we wanted business success; This is especially true when those around us start to doubt our abilities, taking the liberty of kindly letting us know a job behind a desk is a much more comfortable lifestyle. We can listen to the inner voice of passion, or the outer voice of insecurity, though sales and business are built through only one.

2. It keep us going when it gets hard; This is the bifurcation point in which we gently and quietly take the foot off the worn-out accelerator, or push down harder for all its worth. The anatomy of a driving foot is built to bend both ways, but the health of our income only wants to go one way.

The certainty, the passion and the big reason ‘why’ are lying dormant in a large majority of us, begging to be tapped into for even further sales and business success.

Is it time you reminded yourself again of (or reconnected with) why it is you weren’t destined for the standard mortgage and monthly pay cheque?

Have a great week in business ahead!

It may not be the answer to the Colonel’s 11th Herb (nothing can top that) but one of the finest ways to reconnect with our passion is education.

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