Can we just admit something to ourselves right now? That underlying, unsaid truth that has grown from a niggling suspicion to an undeniably over-bearing burden on the modern social world we live in needs to be realised….

It’s time to be straight with ourselves as we look into the mirror and be honest with what we’ve come to find, and that is:

In a modern world where technology has allowed us to be more connected with each other than ever, at speeds as fast as the click of a button and from locations previously thought uninhabited, we can’t help but feel as though socially we have never really been more disconnected from what is actually real and meaningful.

At a time when we can have so much at our fingertips, it’s frightening how little we actually feel content with what is available to us.

We have dinner with other human beings (real, tangible friends and family) and can’t help but feel the pull of the vibration in our pocket that lets us know there could be something more interesting in the message that we know could easily wait an hour.

We scroll through news feeds on a screen we voluntarily shove in front of our own faces to see what intriguing and magnificent ventures our friends are up to, whilst the world all around the screen can be as intriguing as magnificent as we choose it to be.

We can wait for months just to attend a music or sporting spectacle only to find it’s view significantly interrupted by camera lenses (often including our own) so we can re-experience the experience we failed to experience when the original experience was designed to be experienced.

This truthful reality is now realised and recognised by the large majority of society, and anyone who doesn’t fully believe it yet only needs to lift their head and look around at the masses of people staring at their device right now, or realise that they themselves are doing exactly that right now, too. 

This reality isn’t necessarily a problem, however.

At its core, devoid of all subjective belief and values, its merely a reflection of the human race and where we are currently at – no right nor wrong, simply what is. We as a race are the ones that collectively asked for this and we wouldn’t have created it for ourselves if we hadn’t wanted to use it in the first place.

What is a problem that evidently needs solving however, is the gaping hole of emotional dissonance it has left in its wake as the connection with each other we once had has been replaced by a concocted and carefully constructed version of digital, convenient association with one another.

How do we know this is a problem to be solved?

Because humans are taking it upon themselves to solve it, made clear by how and where we are spending our money compared to where we were just 10 to 20 years ago…

Think fashion and jewellery 20 years ago compared to travel and experiences now. Think fad-diets and get-rich quick schemes compared to health retreats and personal development courses.

We as the western human race – either consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly – have become aware of this disconnection from true human connection and we intuitively know that we need to achieve this basic core human need in some form or another – it’s an integral part of our make-up, our DNA, our core way of existing.

And so this is why the human mind – and the things that cause it to feel truly fulfilled – is a booming industry right now.

Statistics continually show that we as a human race are much preferring to spend money on experiences now more than things, and it’s not because health retreats, travel experiences or personal development and meditation courses are ‘great value for money right now’ – it’s because our collective human minds are screaming out for something real again.

The human mind is a booming industry right now because the human mind is experiencing a problem that it wants solved, and solved quickly.

The average human mind has been taken so far out of its natural environment in such rapid fashion that it has been shocked into needing to do something far different to what it has needed to do before, and experiences that put us back into connection with ourselves, with others and what’s truly important (yes, there are things that are far more important than the amount of Instagram followers we have…) solve that problem for us in a highly comforting way.

And what’s most interesting about this boom, is that it is only going to become a larger and and more profitable industry as the inevitable rise of technology continues to take us away from what is human, and into what is convenient. The problems we have to solve for ourselves as a race moving forward extend far beyond any solution that can be ordered off an app.

It seems this boom is only just getting started. 

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales, a methodology designed to ensure you are closing sales without a need for the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ that turns so many buyers away in the modern business landscape.

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