It’s a daunting task for many, something that so many claim to aspire to yet only a small percent ever get to the point of accomplishing.

The idea creation, the planning, the structuring, the mistakes, the writing and multiple attempts at re-writing are all common in the average day of someone producing their first book.

And as we sit here today it is with pleasure that I can say that this feat was achieved in December 2016, as an entrepreneurial grandson and his successful grandfather discussed what it takes to thrive in the first two years of business in what was titled ‘Some Things Never Change’.

A proud achievement, of course, but not for very long…

Because you see, as with anything in business (and almost all of life now, it would seem), writing a book sits squarely in the category with all other potential achievements and possible successes.

The category that says ‘It’s done, but now it means nothing until it is sold.’

It means nothing until it is sold because without it getting into the hands of anyone else, it remains a complete secret.

It means nothing until it is sold because without it impacting others, it can only ever impact the selfish ego of the person who wrote it.

It means nothing until it is sold because true art is for the people that get to experience it, not for the person who created it.

So upon completing the manuscript of the book – something that so many aspire to yet continually find reasons to put it on the backburner – it was confirmed rather quickly that the easy part was over. Yes, that’s right, writing the book was the easy part and now that it was available to be marketed and sold, the real grunt work could begin.

But the big idea behind this realisation is that there really should be no idea, nor big realisation here…

What is meant by this?

Essentially, this needs to drive home a fact that has been confirmed time and time again since the dawn of trade between man. That is the fact that no matter how big, small, amazing, disappointing, incredible, useless, game-changing, lack-lusting or brain-bending any creation, product, service or invention is…

It is completely useless until it is marketed and sold.

No matter how passionate we are, no matter how much believe in ourselves, no matter how much others believe in us and no matter what we have achieved in the past, nothing of what we create is any good to anyone else unless we know how to sell it now.

And this is something we have always known and will continue to be reminded of in the business world again, and again, and again…

And that will never change.

So whatever you’re creating right now, remember you always need to be creating it in mind with how you’re also going to sell it at the end of the business day.

Without the ability to sell it, the time, energy and effort expended to create it in the first place may only ever remain as unused potential in the context of the growth of your business.

Create accordingly.

‘Some Things Never Change’ is the discussion between a successful grandfather and his entrepreneurial grandson on what it takes thrive in the first two years of business. You can learn more about it and order your copy at $10 off the Amazon price by visiting the book’s own information page HERE. 


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