More and more people, particularly in the field of personal and professional development, are beginning to realise and most importantly utilise the power of empathy, contribution and giving first before even contemplating receiving.
The reason that so many people are jumping on this bus is because it works!
Yes, yes I know the term ‘works’ is extremely broad and can be interpreted in a number of different areas but it still remains true. The answer to having the business, happiness and abundant life we say we desire is to take care of others first, and although it seems to go against evolutionary logic from an individual perspective there are a number of reasons why this ‘works’.

The first major contributing factor to giving and giving being responsible for receiving is the universal law of reciprocity. Robert Cialdini first outlined this notion to eager-to-learn marketers, salespeople and behaviourists in ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ when he explained that after receiving a favour from a fellow human being, people feel more compelled to repay the gesture, quite often over and above that which they have originally received.

The second factor that plays a large role in the effectiveness of giving is perhaps even more scientific. By giving to others we release a number of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals in the brain to help us feel good and to increase our overall effectiveness as humans. Studies show that by giving to others we are subject to chemicals known as oxytocin (ideal for creating relationships) as well as dopamine (ideal for confidence in achieving goals) and therefore by giving to others we become even more confident in our ability to create relationships. This results in further options for giving and taking between people and allows for even more give and take for those who give first. The science adds up.

In business the notion of giving before receiving is changing the way we consume in the marketplace. As consumers we now are hungry for more and more of what we can receive for free first before we buy. We know that there is more demand than ever between companies to attract the masses and have clued onto the fact that who ever gives more to us the fastest will likely receive our attention. For those of us that are business owners we need to realise that the best way to do business it to make it all about the customer or client we are serving because if we don’t then someone else will.


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