Avid followers of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales will know that the key question that must be answered before maximum sales success can happen in your consultative selling career is:

“What problem does your business solve?”

The question itself comes across initially as rather simple, but when voiced out loud in a way that speaks directly to one’s market, it is exceedingly powerful.

What makes it so powerful? It’s the fact that once you know what problem your business solves, you become the station through which people must pass in order to have the solution to their pain, challenge or obstacle granted.

Similar to a toll booth operator that people must cross in order to get from A to B, dropping their money off along the way – and to see a toll booth operator out on the road chasing down cars to ask for money is a categorical rarity to say the least.

But for those that are currently able to clearly articulate this, the question must be asked of ‘now what?’

“Now that I know the problem my business solves, what do I do with that information?”

And it’s a great question to ask, because access to such information must be treated with care and responsibility – it’s now considered quite the weapon in the business world out there!

With that in mind, the first requirement of knowing the problem you solve is to back yourself 100% in your ability to deliver the solution to the given problem.

So many people discover the problem their business solves and then only dip one foot into the water halfway down because they aren’t ready to fully commit to what it means to solve a particular problem well.

But what they are failing to realise is that by reserving their problem-solving capabilities in the fear that they may be cutting themselves off from a part of the potential buying market, they are essentially cutting themselves off to all of it.

Those that try and solve every problem for everyone, end up solving no problems for anyone.

You must be unapologetic in the fact that you are the go-to for solving the particular problem that you have the answer to, and you must back your own ability to deliver a result when required.

The second requirement is to direct all of your marketing, content and conversations towards being the passionate solver of that problem.

As a business owner that sells in a consultative, relationship building fashion, you must continually put yourself in positions where you can be seen as the person solving your particular problem, and problems closely linked to it.

Be active in Facebook and LinkedIn groups where you can solve problems in this particular area. Say yes to every conversation that allows you to solve problems for people in this particular area and put your hand up to speak at every event that calls for it.

Create blog posts and video content that puts you in a position here you are solving this particular problem.

Partaking in behaviour such as this not only shows your market that you are clear on the problem you solve for your buyers, that you have the ability to back it up with knowledge and strategy and are therefore someone worth being at least listened to (to begin with) in your specific area of expertise.

Consultative and relationship based sales start well before the phone even rings, so by taking care of these forms of authority building you will be ensuring the relationship starts off on the right foot.

Remember: Ensure your problem solves a particular problem, back yourself on your ability to provide the solution and continually put yourself in positions where you can do exactly that. And repeat.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – the ultimate methodology for closing consultative, business to business sales.


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